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Megan Thomas: Forensic Sorceress

by Bradley H. Sinor

Megan Thomas works in the office of the District Attorney as a forensic sorceress. Her job is to protect the citizens of the greater metropolitan area of Tulsa from all manner of evil sorcerers and vampires—while also managing her personal life without endangering the people in it.

Dragon Awards Season is here!

Prince of Cats Publications has put two books from Ring of Fire Press on its Consideration List!

Their complete list of entries are:

Best Science Fiction Novel—Currency of War by Melinda M. Snodgrass

Best Fantasy Novel—Devil’s Day by Megan Mackie

Best Young Adult NovelAnoria: A Family of Wizards – By Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

Best Alternate History NovelDaggers in Darkness – By S.M. Stirling

Best Media Tie-in Novel—MacGyver: Meltdown – By Eric Kelley & Lee Zlotoff

Best Horror Novel—Deathly Waters:Harper’s Landing – By Shoshana Edwards

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