RoF Open House

The Rof Open House was a huge success with guest appearances by amazing and celebrated authors like Eric Flint, David Drake and others. The Open House which was on Saturday, November 7th, beginning at 1 PM Central Standard Time. The Open House was well attending by many members of the public and discussions on new books, writing strategy and shifts in the publishing industry were among the topics between authors and the public.

Coming Next Week!

The Portals of Spring

by Nathan B. Dodge

David Blackthorn, the scion of a powerful family of the Northern Republic, has discovered a great potential to harness God’s Power, a capability that supposedly only priests can possess. So he travels to the land of the Chanche, to ask for their help in controlling his new-found ability.

But in Akzo, the “city of cities” of the Chanche, he is advised that only Ques, a recluse living high in the mountains, can train him. David undertakes a harrowing journey, beset by enemies, to reach Ques. He is prepared to undergo training for as long as it takes to master the Power in order to defeat the deadly Elitos, who threaten both the Chanche and his native land in the plains.

There is just one problem: The training will be every bit as dangerous as the Power itself.