David Carrico

David has been an avid SF reader since discovering the books of Andre Norton in 6th grade. He eventually tried his hand at writing the stuff, and made his first professional sale in 2004. He has been a regular contributor to The Grantville Gazette e-magazine since 2004, beginning with that first sale, as well as appearing in Grantville Gazette and Ring of Fire anthologies for Baen Books. He also has had a story published in Jim Baen’s Universe e-magazine. He has co-written the novel 1636: The Devil’s Opera and the space opera novel The Span of Empire with Eric Flint. He has had several Ring of Fire books published by Baen Books and Ring of Fire Press. Ring of Fire Press has also published several fantasy novels, including his most recent book, The Dragon’s Boy. He is currently working on a new space opera novel with Eric Flint.

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