John Deakins

I’ve been a life-long reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy. I was fascinated by Asprin’s and Abbey’s “Thieves World” shared-world series. and wrote a couple of short stories in that universe, but SFWA president Andrew Offut advised me to move to my own world. I created the “Barrow” universe.
My own first book, Barrow, was published in 1991 as part of the new Roc Books imprint. It made B. Dalton’s SF Best Seller list for a couple of weeks,. and was followed by five more “Barrow” novels and a number of short stories. The “Barrow” books have been in and out of print for years, and are currently available as e-books from Amazon.

I fell in love with the “Ring of Fire” series the moment it came out. I made several attempts to create a novel in that series, but I was only one of thousands of rabid fans and wannabe ROF authors. A couple of years ago, through the aid of Herb Sakalaucks, another ROF author, I was able to make creative contact with Ring of Fire Press. My first ROF novel, A Red Son Rises in the West, appeared last year, and my second novel, A Red Son: Not Without Honor, was recently released. My third novel, A Red Son: Children of Another Mother, is in process.

I’ve retired from all my previous day jobs, and am currently a minister and writer living in a rural area of north Arkansas.

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