Shoshana Edwards

I read my first science fiction book when I was six, The Time Machine. It gave me nightmares for weeks, but I loved it and was hooked. I cannot remember a time since then that I didn’t have at least 2 or 3 books in process.

I started writing very early in life also, but had no faith in my abilities. Once I finished college, I devoted my writing to non-fiction critique of literature, and to scholarly papers on neurolinguistics.

I also began attending SF conventions in the early 1970s, once my kids were old enough to go with me. Between teaching, SCA, and conventions there was little room for any serious writing and gradually I drifted away from believing I could write fiction.

Yet here I am, 76, and with my first novel published! And another nearly done. I have more to write; the writer brain has been turned on and demands to be heard! What an exciting journey this is becoming.

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