RoF Open House

The Rof Open House was a huge success with guest appearances by amazing and celebrated authors like Eric Flint, David Drake and others. The Open House which was on Saturday, November 7th, beginning at 1 PM Central Standard Time. The Open House was well attending by many members of the public and discussions on new books, writing strategy and shifts in the publishing industry were among the topics between authors and the public.

Coming Next Week!

Designed to Fail

by Virginia DeMarce

Frederik of Denmark, the son of King Christian IV, is the new governor of the new province of Westphalia, and harbors the dark suspicion that the Swedes who now dominate central Europe deliberately designed the province so that he would not succeed in his assignment, thus undermining his father’s position.

Problems are everywhere! Religious fragmentation, cities demanding imperial status, jurisdictional disputes among the nobility and between the nobility and the common folk—there’s no end to it.

And then matters get still more complicated. Annalise Richter, a student at the famous Abbey of Quedlinburg, wants Frederik to correct an injustice. Her mentor, the Abbess of Quedlinburg, is being prevented from running for a seat in the House of Commons because she is, well, not a commoner. Surely Frederik can do something to fix this wrong!

The prince is of two minds. On the one hand—being very much his father’s son—he has developed a great passion for the marvelous young woman. He is determined to marry her. On the other hand…

She’s Catholic. A bit of a problem, that, for a Lutheran prince. But there’s worse. She’s also the younger sister of Gretchen Richter. Yes, that Gretchen Richter.