Interview with David Drake!

We are doing interviews with authors working with Ring of Fire Press including this week an interview with David Drake! Click here to watch the video.

RoF Open House

We will also be featuring a monthly open house with our authors on  Saturday, November 7th, beginning at 1 PM Central Standard Time. we’ll introduce the new books we’re publishing in the November time frame. You’ll get a chance to chat with the authors, meet Eric Flint, talk about the books, and have a chance to win an autographed copy of Old Nathan by David Drake. We’re going to share with you upcoming offerings from Ring of Fire Press, and you will have a chance to win an eARC of the book of your choice.

Ring of Fire Con News!

Ring of Fire was an unqualified success with our guest and attendees! And it continues to entertain, educate, and enlighten attendees and those looking to hear from some of the best authors and creators alive today.

All panels are available are available to view at:

Coming Next Week!

Blood of a Nation

by Wayland Smith

“The first thing you must realize, is that you are already dead.”

Brian McLean was willing to give his life for the cause of Liberty. He had no way of knowing that when he fell at the Battle of Concord Bridge, it was a beginning rather than an ending. Taken from the war, and his life, McLean learns of the Night Walkers, strange beings that drink blood to live and are forever banished from the sun. Now he needs to find a way to adapt to a strange new world of magic, supernatural abilities, and creatures he never imagined.

Under the mentorship of Paul Stintson, Brian tries to learn as much as he about his new life, his powers, and his limits. Every night, it seems he learns a new secret as he struggles to adapt to his new life and find a way to use his abilities to defeat the British and free his struggling country.