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Into The Ring features weekly announcements on upcoming events, appearances and releases for Ring of Fire Press, The Grantville Gazette and 1632 series volumes by Baen Books. It will also feature sample chapters from upcoming releases as well as information regarding Ring of Fire Press and its amazing authors.

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Coming Out Next from Ring of Fire Press!

Like any sensible alley cat, Leo minds his own business. But between a mouse desperate enough to ask him for help and suspicious behavior by dogs and raccoons in his area of the Bronx, he soon realizes that Something is Wrong. His turf has become… Marked Territory.

A renegade Knight Templar, an Arab orphan and the teenage daughter of a Jewish scholar are caught in the Mongol capture and sack of Baghdad in the year 1258. Each in their own way, they survive the catastrophe and grapple with the challenges of a new and savage world.

The Mermaid and Tiger is the most exciting tavern in modern Copenhagen—modern being the year 1636, in the new world created by the Ring of Fire. The food and drink served—and even more, the tales being told—are the best to be found anywhere.

Important News about Ring of Fire Press!

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Happy Anniversary to Ring of Fire and 1632!

This year is the 20th anniversary of 1632, the bestselling alternate history novel that launched the Ring of Fire series created and overseen by Eric Flint, New York Times bestselling author.

Announcing Ring of Fire Con

Eric Flint and Ring of Fire Press are proud to announce RING OF FIRE CON, aka ROFCON. This is a virtual convention that will be held September 11–13 with panels, guests, and signing opportunities.

ATTENDANCE AT THE CONVENTION IS FREE—but you do need to register in order to attend. Once you register, you will be kept informed of news and developments as we approach the convention.

Click the button below for more information on ROFCON 2020 including how to register and support the convention.