New Books Coming Every Week!

Ring of Fire Press is expanding again!

Beginning this Thursday, October 1, we will be publishing a new book every week.  We’re also adding new Young Adult and Historical Fiction categories!

New This Week!

Border Crosser

by Tom Doyle

Eris is an interstellar spy on a mission of vengeance. 

Her enemy’s power is terrifying, but she’ll never stop. She knows that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for brilliant, daring, and chaotically kinky heroines to do nothing.

Ring of Fire Con News

Rescheduling for Success! Rof Con will be Four days! October 8-11!

We have a preliminary schedule for Ring of Fire Con including panels with some of your favorite authors from science fiction, fantasy, and alternate history. We will have three full tracks as well as the tracks from Steve Jackson’s Fnord Con on October 10th.

Click the button below to plan your virtual weekend in virtually no time at all.FIND OUT MORE

Any member of RoFCon will be able to attend the live events of Steve Jackson’s FnordCon on October 10th.

We are also proud to say that we are adding Steve Jackson to our amazing line up of creators that feature New York Times Bestsellers and award winning creators from every corner of pop culture entertainment.

ATTENDANCE AT THE CONVENTION IS FREE—but you do need to register to attend. Once you register, you will be kept informed of news and developments as we approach the convention.

Hit the link below to register and see the full lineup of panelists and other guests: