Behind the Books

Ring of Fire Press and the 1632 Universe

It’s not a huge secret. We started Ring of Fire Press to publish the overflow from the 1632 Universe, the Ring of Fire Universe. It is overflow because Baen Books, the publisher of the mainline Ring of Fire books has only so many book slots with its distributor, Simon...

How Do I Pick a Book?

As editor in chief of Ring of Fire Press, I’m the one who picks the books we publish. I am also the chief reader. To keep things under control, and not be deluged by over-the-transom submissions, we are nominally closed. If somebody knows me, I’ll look at their book, or the book of a person they recommend.

Upcoming Events

  1. Balticon 2022

    May 27 - May 30
  2. Fan Expo Dallas 2022

    June 17 - June 19
  3. ALA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2022

    June 23 - June 28
  4. SoonerCon 30

    June 24 - June 26
  5. SleuthFest

    July 7 - July 10