Announcement Nov 11

RoF Open House The Rof Open House was a huge success with guest appearances by amazing and celebrated authors like Eric Flint, David Drake and others. The Open House which was on Saturday, November 7th, beginning at 1 PM Central Standard Time. The Open House was well...

Ring of Fire Newsletter – July 2020

I’m running late getting this newsletter out. I’d apologize except it’d be insincere. I make my living as an author, not a publisher, and I was up against a very tight deadline on my latest novel.

Ring of Fire Newsletter, April 2020

April 21, 2020 NEW BOOKS! New volumes. In the Ring of Fire series: Fire on the Rio Grande, by Kevin and Karen Evans. The impact of the Ring of Fire has now reached the western lands of North America, triggering the Pueblo revolt “ahead of schedule”—and quite possibly...

Eric Flint Interview with Melissa Dalton Martinez

Eric recently sat down with Melissa Dalton of The Book Break to offer some advice to authors on what to look for in contracts with publishers buying their book. While it’s fun to skip right to the advance and money part, there are some nuts and bolts that need...

Ring of Fire Newsletter March 2020

In the last few weeks we’ve released several new volumes in the Ring of Fire Series, as well as many other science fiction and fantasy novels. More coming soon!

Tempus Fugit – Essay by Eric Flint

Tempus Fugit – Essay by Eric Flint

“Tempus fugit” is a Latin phrase that officially translates as “time flies.” What it really is, though, is a hoity-toity way of saying “old farts forget stuff.” The old fart in this instance being me—and what I forgot was that my novel 1632 was published exactly twenty years ago.