Forthcoming Releases

Fire on the Rio Grande

by Kevin H. & Karen C. Evans

Paperback Release Date: April 1, 2020
eBook Available Now!

It started with a letter. In Nuevo Mexico, the Spanish province farther from the king than any other, Father Philip, the only Jesuit north of the Rio Grande, received word of a new town in Germany full of time travelers. Just one article from the Britannica lights a revolt of the native population. Will it be the first colony to throw out European governance? Would it be the first American Revolution?

It started with Eduardo Bernal, born in Nuevo Mexico, sixteen years old, with a love for the countryside, and his native neighbors. Could he save them from the prejudice of Spanish colonists?

It started with young Teniente de Bances, arriving for the first time to the distant Province of Nuevo Mexico al Dentro. He was nineteen years old, and it had taken him three years to get there. Will one hundred fifty Spanish soldiers hold off attacks from nine thousand natives?

Diamonds are Forever

by Eric Flint & Ryk E. Spoor

Paperback Release Date: April 15, 2020
eBook Coming Soon!

Originally Published in the anthology “Mountain Magic”. Baen October 1, 2004

 Clint Slade is nervous. First, because he’s bringing his very New York City fiancée Jodi Goldman home to meet his very rural Kentucky family. Mostly, though, his anxiety stems from a different source. How—if he should do it at all—can he explain to his wife-to-be the secret behind the Slade family’s wealth and secluded lifestyle, which they’ve kept for almost two centuries. A secret involving diamonds, an extensive system of caverns… and a race of very inhuman beings who guard the treasures below.

But when Jodi and Clint arrive, he discovers that his anxiety was pointless. The secret can’t be kept any longer. Something has stirred up the denizens of the underground world and made them hostile. And even if Jodi, Clint, and the Slade family can find a way to stop the hostility from turning into violence, there is another, deeper secret waiting in the cavernous depths—one that could spell doom for millions of people!

Blood’s Call

by David Carrico

Paperback Release Date: May 1, 2020
eBook Coming Soon!

Duncan corNial, the son of Clan Ailane’s warleader, has been exiled because of the enmity of other clans. Leaving the Highlands, he finds refuge in the nearby city of Nika, where he makes a new life for himself as a swordmaster and bounty hunter.

Meanwhile, back in the Highlands, his younger brother Llêw joins the Highland Guard, an elite body of guards assigned to the royal court in Nika. But before Llêw can get to Nika, Duncan kills a lord’s son in a bar fight and flees, joining a caravan headed south to the country of Cantredd.

 As a guard for the caravan, Duncan has further adventures in company with the caravan merchant, Guthsund. While defending a woman under attack, Duncan is badly wounded—and after help arrives from the Blues, the religious society she belongs to, he will discover that strange things happen around them.

Kona: Monarch of Monster Isle

by Sam Glanzman

Paperback Release Date: May 15, 2020
eBook Coming Soon!

Sam Glanzman is best known for his introspective or autobiographical works such as his USS Stevens stories or The Private War of Willie Schultz. This ain’t that! Kona is a roller coaster ride of giant monsters, dinosaurs, weird civilizations and non-stop action. If you crave intricate plots with complex character development walk away slowly right now. You’ve got Dr. Dodd whose idea of a family vacation is a dirigible filled with crates of large guns and plenty of ammo. He brings along his daughter and her kids so Kona has someone to save. Oh yeah, Kona, he’s a caveman that they find when the dirigible crashes on a lost island. Dinos are only the opening act as they all set off on a road trip that takes them on a tour of nightmare hot spots where Kona will fight giant spiders, turtles, Sharks, snakes, house cats (or is that a cat as big as a house), ants, birds and various things that Sam felt like drawing that day. Then you have radioactive wolves and bears and whales that only want to kill humans now and the occasional lost civilization just as a change of pace. Kona kills all these with terrific courage and a very long bayonet knife. It’s a wild and fun ride that moves so fast, you will have no time to notice those gaping logic holes all around you.And the art, WOW! I love Sam Glanzman and this is his most fun art ever. He gets to draw every crazy thing you can imagine and has it fight every other thing you can imagine. It doesn’t matter your age, you will become a 12 year old again as you read Kona. This new edition has been digitally re-imagined in glorious black and white (with only the occasional gray accents) by veteran book cover artist, Laura Givens to make the art pop off the page as any good comic book should! Note: Occasional changes in art and or dialogue have been made which deviate from the original material because of age and deterioration of said originals.