In this episode, Joy interviews author Virginia DeMarce.

Virginia Easley DeMarce grew up on a farm near Columbia, Missouri, and turned into an academic, ending up with a Ph.D. in early modern European History from Stanford. After some years teaching at Northwest Missouri State University and George Mason University, she ended her career as a historian for the Office of Federal Acknowledgment in the Department of the Interior. Retired from having to go to work every day since 2004, she now divides her occupational time between genealogy and writing. Widowed, she has three adult children and five grandchildren.

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Frederik of Denmark, the son of King Christian IV, has been made the governor of the new province of Westphalia, which seems to have been designed to fail. Problems abound everywhere—not the least of which is that he has developed a passion for the younger sister of Gretchen Richter.

Yes, that Gretchen Richter.

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