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The Portals of Hell

August 20

Davin is a disappointment to his military family, but he discovers he has a Gift, an ability to tap into God’s own power. He begins a quest to learn how to control that Gift, in the course of which he will face monsters emerging from the portals of Hell.

Marked Territory

September 1

Like any sensible alley cat, Leo minds his own business. But between a mouse desperate enough to ask him for help and suspicious behavior by dogs and raccoons in his area of the Bronx, he soon realizes that Something is Wrong. His turf has become… Marked Territory.

Heart of the World

September 10

A renegade Knight Templar, an Arab orphan and the teenage daughter of a Jewish scholar are caught in the Mongol capture and sack of Baghdad in the year 1258. Each in their own way, they survive the catastrophe and grapple with the challenges of a new and savage world.

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Happy Anniversary to Ring of Fire and 1632!

This year is the 20th anniversary of 1632, the bestselling alternate history novel that launched the Ring of Fire series created and overseen by Eric Flint, New York Times bestselling author.

Come to Ring of Fire Con

Eric Flint and Ring of Fire Press are proud to announce RING OF FIRE CON, aka ROFCON. This is a virtual convention that will be held September 11th to the 13th with panels, guests, and signing opportunities. Among the guests attending will be:
  • David Brin– Bestselling author, creator of the Uplift series, and winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.
  • DJ Butler – Dragon Award finalist and bestselling author of the Witchy Eye series and Cunning Man series.
  • Eric Flint – One of the masters Alternate History & New York Times Bestselling author of the 1632 series.
  • Charles Gannon – National Bestseller author of the Caine-verse and Nebula and Dragon Award finalist
  • Cecelia Holland – Iconic and prolific historical fiction author as well as the author of speculative fiction novels and non-fiction books.
  • Mercedes Lackey – One of most popular and prolific fantasy authors of all time and creator of the Herald of Valdemar series
  • Jody Lynn Nye – New York Times bestselling author of the Imperium Series and continuing author of Robert Aspirin’s Myth-Adventures
  • Christopher Ruocchio – Bestselling author of the Sun Eater saga; regarded as Barnes & Noble’s best science fiction books of 2018 and 2019
  • David Weber – New York Times best selling author and creator of the Honor Harrington Series
Please come to RingofFirepress.com to keep up to date on new guests and our full convention schedule as we develop it.

Ticketing and pricing information:

Attendance at the convention is free, but we do urge people to contribute by taking advantage of our special eBook offers. These sales are only being offered to people who register for the convention. They will offset the cost to us of organizing and conducting the convention.


Think of them as donations with benefits—and they’re benefits you can give to someone else, if you prefer.


  • Platinum donation: $40.00 will get you twelve eBooks of your choice.
  • Gold donation: $20.00 will get you five eBooks of your choice.
  • Silver donation: $10.00 will get you two eBooks of your choice.
  • Bronze donation: $5.00 ticket will get you one eBook of your choice.

Here are the titles that are eligible for the free offer.

Fire on the Rio Grande by Kevin & Karen Evans
No Ship For Tranquebar by Kevin & Karen Evans
Bartley’s Man by Huff & Goodlett
Pandora’s Crew by Huff & Goodlett
A Holmes For the Czar by Huff & Goodlett
WarSpell: The Merge by Huff & Goodlett
The Demons of Paris by Flint, Huff & Goodlett
Diamonds Are Forever by Flint & Spoor
Demons of the Past: Revolution by Ryk Spoor
Demons of the Past: Retribution by Ryk Spoor
Legend by Ryk Spoor
Godswar: Mask of Ares by Ryk Spoor
Letters From Gronow by David Carrico
Magdeburg Noir by David Carrico
A Song of Passing by David Carrico
Blood’s Call by David Carrico
Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa by Garrett Vance
The Legions of Pestilence by Virginia DeMarce
The Trouble With Huguenots by Virginia DeMarce
Incident in Alaska Prefecture by Stoney Compton
Twilight of Empire by Stoney Compton
The Masks of Mirada by Robert Waters
Perdition by Marella Sands
Up-Time Pride & Down-Time Prejudice by Mark Huston
The Newton Cipher by Steve Ruskin
After Hastings by Steven Silver
The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon by Iver Cooper
City By the Bay by Walter Hunt
Death Lives in the Water by Shoshana Edwards

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