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April 23, 2019

Eric Flint’s Ring of Fire Press is having a wonderful time putting out great books. In fact, we have so many books coming out that we have a kind of bottleneck getting them all out at once.

Recent publications include a hero story Legend by Ryk Spoor, a great fantasy by a great author, to follow his great novels in the Demons of the Past series.

Our most recent publication is Death Lives in the Water by Shoshana Edwards, the first in the Harper’s Landing series. What happens when a small town in Missouri starts calling people to it and strange things start happening? You will find out.

We will have not one, not two, but three new novels by David R. Palmer: Tracking, Speecial Education, and Schrodinger’s Frisbee.


But what about 1632 novels??

Well, we have a bunch coming out!! We are going to release Virginia DeMarce’s great new 1632 novel, The Legions of Pestilence on April 30, We’ll follow that with Terry Howard’s Hillbilly Philosopher, the Jimmy Dick Stories. Then we will have Mark Huston’s Uptime Pride and Downtime Prejudice. This is a fantastic story about what happens when a young up-timer woman is sent to work for a great German family.

This summer, we will have The Vampiress of Londinium a Warspell Universe novel by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett, Arachne’s Webs, by Gorg, Paula, and Eric Flint, Twilight of Empire by Stoney Compton (the sequel to his Incident in Alaska Prefecture), and quite a few more!!

And we will also haven Lost Signals of the Terran Republic, an anthology edited by Charles E. Gannon. Those of you who are already readers of the Caine Riordan universe pretty much know what to expect from these stories: gritty yet doggedly optimistic hard sf in a world that is a believable and embattled successor to our own. But for those who are not familiar with the series’ hallmark blend of exploration, alien encounters, intrigue, and action, then . . . Welcome to the 22nd century where humanity has just reached out to the stars and now finds itself challenged by contact by five (or is that four?) very different (yet very realistic) alien species whose motivations are as unusual and arresting as their physical forms. Of course, planet Earth still has plenty of problems, injustice, and inequities of its own to deal with.

Recently Published

Over the past few months, we’ve released a number of new volumes:

The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon by Iver Cooper— a love story set against the background of 1630s Asia in the Ring of Fire series.

Perdition, by Marella Sands. This is an alternate history set about a century after the South gained its independence in the American Civil War. Agents sent by the Union to the Confederacy to investigate the disappearance of the Union’s ambassador uncover a terrible secret.

Demons of the Past: Revolution, by Ryk E. Spoor. The hero of this opening novel in a new space opera series possesses psionic powers which he uses to combat the monstrous power behind the throne in the Reborn Empire.

Big Stick, by Michael A. Ventrella. A steampunk adventure featuring an improbable cast of historical figures, including Mark Twain and Teddy Roosevelt, the Police Commissioner of New York whose massive lightning gun is the Big Stick he uses against wrongdoers.

Threshold, by David Palmer. An alien-bred superman finds himself defending the Galaxy on an utterly inimical planet that tests all of his skills and abilities.

Time Spike: The Mysterious Mesa, by Garrett W. Vance. Not everything happens in Grantville. The Assiti shards striking the Earth did more than just transplant the town of Grantville into the middle of Europe’s Thirty Years War. They moved a lot of people around, from Cherokee on the Trail of Tears to Mound Builders, to all the fanged fauna of the Cretaceous Era, to a bunch of 20th century prisoners and the conquistadores. Vance’s book is set in the universe of Eric Flint and Marilyn Kosmatka’s novel, Time Spike.

WarSpell: The Merge, by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett. In this first novel in a new fantasy series, the world is swept up in the mysterious Merge which crosses the characters of role-playing gamers with the characters they play in their games.

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