On the Horizon of 2021!

Ring of Fire press has had an amazing 2020 despite everything happening around the world, and 2021 looks like it is going to be an even greater year with amazing stories on the horizon by master storytellers like David Brin and S.M. Stirling!

From Everyone at Ring of Fire Press Happy New Year!

Due to the New Year Holiday we will be postponing our monthly Open House to the second weekend in January. More information coming soon.

Coming Out Next from Ring of Fire Press!

WarSpell: Space Race

by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett

Available December 31

When the Merge happened, the world as people knew it and the world of the WarSpell role playing game got completely tangled up. That opened millions of fantasy worlds to explore, sure—but it didn’t do anything for space exploration. There was no spell to take someone to the Moon or Mars in the rule books. And to make things worse, early attempts showed that magic worked differently in space than on the surface of the earth.

Disastrously different, as a rule.

Still, if someone can figure out how to do it right, the magic of WarSpell has the potential to change space exploration from something only governments and billionaires can do to something that the rest of the human race can take a crack at. Not to mention the possible fortunes to be made in extraterrestrial magic and technology

But even with WarSpell magic, getting into space isn’t going to be cheap—and it’s not safe at all by fussbudget NASA standards. There are roadblocks in the way. Some put there by nature, some by the supernatural, some by good intentions, and others out of spite and greed.

So if the hardscrabble, by-their-bootstraps outfits are going to have any chance to win the orbit prize, they’re going to have to risk losing their lives along with their shirts. Or blouses and bras.