1632 Series

Eric Flint’s 1632 Series (aka Ring of Fire Series)

  • New!Front cover image for The Marshals, written by Mike Watson, published by Ring of Fire Press, January 2022.

    The Marshals

    by Mike Watson Three retired US Army Master Sergeants with a down-time apprentice use their up-time experience as Deputy Sheriffs to become the first Marshals of the newly created District Court system of the State of Thuringia-Franconia.
  • The Gourmets of Grantville

    The Ring of Fire that transposed the modern American town of Grantville into the middle of the Thirty Years War forced its inhabitants to face many challenges of a political, military, economic, social and religious nature. But it posed more mundane challenges as well. What do you cook and eat when half the foods you’re...
  • A 1632 Christmas

    Welcome to the Holidays in the 1630s!  Sit down, pull up some hot tea and spend some time with friends! The holidays are in full swing all over. Some people are falling in love, some people are learning new ways to celebrate, and others are even having babies.
  • Security Threats

    Book #3 in the NESS series Neustatter's European Security Services has a lot of challenges to deal with, among them a campaign of industrial sabotage, an espionage ring, and the aftermath of the Dreeson assassination. Then, there’s the missing heiress…
  • Cover image for Mrs. Flannery's Flowers by Bethanne Kim, Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Mrs. Flannery’s Flowers

    Each in different ways, having been brought together by the Ring of Fire, people from the twentieth and seventeenth centuries try to adapt to their new situations. Some handle it very well, others not so well—and some don’t seem able to adjust at all.
  • The Horsewoman

    Karen Bergstralh was one of the early pioneers of what became the massive, multi-author Ring of Fire alternate history series. Her first published story, “One Man’s Junk,” appeared in the fourth issue of the Grantville Gazette electronic magazine that is devoted to the series—the fourth issue of what are now ninety-six issues. Karen passed away...
  • Saving the Dodo

    When Princess Kristina learns of the extinction of the dodo, she is determined to do something about it. The dodo was last sighted in 1662, and this is only the year 1635. There’s still time? An expedition under the leadership of Grantville’s pre-eminent bird-watcher, Pam Miller, sets off on a perilous journey to the Indian...
  • Missions of Security

    Neustatter’s European Security Services is open for business, and business is . . . too good? Neustatter and Astrid find themselves pressed to staff, train, and equip the agency while keeping up with their clients’ growing requirements in scope and complexity.And while they're at it, handle one mission of security after another.
  • A Mission for the Czar

    Vasilii and Miroslava are back at work again. Czar Mikhail wants a rail line built from Ufa, the capital of his United Sovereign States of Russia, to the capital of the USSR’s newest addition, the Khazak Khanate. For that he needs a steam engineer and diplomat—Vasilii’s jobs—as well as a top surveyor. Unfortunately, the surveyor...
  • A Matter of Security

    Veterans of the Thirty Years Year from the same village move to Grantville and create Neustatter European Security Services, after which they find themselves dealing with all manner of challenges and dangers.
  • The Grantville Inquisitor

    There are many stories in the naked city of Grantville. Did Wallenstein come to Grantville secretly? Is Cardinal Richelieu still alive? How did Bigfoot get trapped in the Ring of Fire? Does Cyrano de Bergerac really have a huge schnozz? Denis and Betsy, intrepid reporters, bring all that is hidden and secret to light in...
  • Designed to Fail

    Frederik of Denmark, the son of King Christian IV, has been made the governor of the new province of Westphalia, which seems to have been designed to fail. Problems abound everywhere—not the least of which is that he has developed a passion for the younger sister of Gretchen Richter. Yes, that Gretchen Richter.
  • Two Cases for the Czar

    Miroslava Holmes, the one and only licensed private detective in the United Sovereign States of Russia, has two new cases which couldn’t be more different: a locked room mystery involving espionage and a simple theft that nevertheless requires a trip to Kazan. But the cases do have one thing in common—they will both put her...
  • Things Could Be Worse

    , In the years that follow the Ring of Fire, Pastor Kastenmeyer copes with Stiefelite Lutheran heretics, Flacian Lutheran ultra-orthodox, and the strange new up-time world of shorts, blue jeans, and unknown religious denominations. His struggles and travails have a surprisingly revolutionary impact on seventeenth-century Lutheranism—perhaps to no one’s greater surprise than the pastor himself.
  • Tales from the Mermaid & Tiger: Engines of Change

    , The Mermaid and Tiger is the most exciting tavern in modern Copenhagen—modern being the year 1636, in the new world created by the Ring of Fire. The food and drink served—and even more, the tales being told—are the best to be found anywhere.
  • A Red Son: Not Without Honor

    Eliezar and Arrow St. Clair have resettled among the Mohawks, but now must confront hostile shamans, a smallpox epidemic—and, of course, the ever-present problems created by the expanding settlements of white Europeans, who bring new technology with them as well as new diseases.
  • A Holmes For the Czar

    Ufa, the new capital of the legitimate government of Russia, is now a fast-growing boom town. Crime is running rampant and the city guards don't have a clue how to handle it. Can Vasilii Lyapuno, an engineer working at the newly-founded Dacha in Ufa, serve the city as a one-man detective force? Why not? He...
  • Magdeburg Noir

    Magdeburg, the capital of the newly-formed United States of Europe, has a dark and bloody history. New industries inspired by the technology of the time-transplanted Americans of Grantville have now turned the city into a boom town—but also a place that generates new darkness and chaos.
  • The Trouble with Huguenots

    Duke Henri de Rohan is the leader of the French Protestants, known as the Huguenots, and he has a lot on his hands. The new king of France, Gaston, is hostile and his estranged wife and brother are plotting with the usurper against him. A still more urgent problem is that his only heir is...
  • A Red Son Rises

    Herb Sakalaucks, author of The Danish Scheme and The Battle for Newfoundland, teams up with new ROF author, John Deakin, to bring us the next Ring of Fire story set in the New World. It tells the story of a young Pequod warrior returning to his native land after experiencing the trials of a servant...
  • Up-time Pride and Down-Time Prejudice

    Set in the Ring of Fire universe, this is the story of Mary Russo, freshly graduated from Grantville high school. She has been hired by one of the wealthiest families of the seventeenth century, and now finds herself in a world very different from the West Virginia she once knew—a gilded world of intrigue, love...
  • Cover art for The Legend of Jimmy Dick

    The Legend of Jimmy Dick

    The Ring of Fire that transported the West Virginia town of Grantville into the middle of the seventeenth century’s Thirty Years War brought more than three thousand people with it. Some were capable, some weren’t; some were wise; others were foolish; some adapted to their new life, others didn’t. And then there was Jimmy Dick.
  • The Legions of Pestilence

    The war is on. All the wars—and on all fronts. Can the medical knowledge of the up-time Americans be adapted and spread fast enough to forestall disaster? Or will their advanced military technology simply win one war in order to lose the other and much more terrible one?
  • The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon

    In Iver P. Cooper’s latest alternate history novel, a new contribution to Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe, the romance between Juan Cardona, an officer in Spain’s Manila garrison, and Huang Mingyu, a young, beautiful Chinese woman, is threatened when a Dutch-Japanese force launches a surprise attack on 17th century Manila. Manila falls and Juan is rescued...
  • The Hunt for The Red Cardinal

    The West Virginians from Grantville have met many historical personages since the small town was flung back in time and into a new universe. But the down-timers have too. Cardinal Richelieu cannot decide whether he likes Charleton Heston or Tim Curry better as Cardinal Richelieu. So, when the King is murdered on the way to...

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