1632 Series

Eric Flint’s 1632 Series (aka Ring of Fire Series)

  • Letters From Gronow

    What happens when the seventeenth century encounters Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep? What happens when the Elder Gods descend upon Magdeburg? When literary entrepreneur Johann Gronow discovers the stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe in the libraries and book collections of Grantville, he launches a magazine for the purpose of publishing translations of their...
  • The Persistence of Dreams

    It is 1636: five years after a West Virginia town from the year 2000 arrived in Germany in a flash of light and altered the course of history. Now, down-time master artist Daniel Block is troubled. No mention or proof of his name or life work, of which he has long been proud, made it...
  • The Monster Society

    The year is 1635. The event known as the Ring of Fire is four years behind us, and yet, there are still strange occurences taking place. Enter the Gesellschaft der Ungethüme, The Monster Society, a Live Action Role-Playing group (LARPers) who have sworn an oath to protect Grantville and its shadowy surrounds from ghouls and...
  • Essen Defiant

    Whether it was a blessed miracle or a disastrous catastrophe, the arrival of Grantville in Europe in the year 1631 created changes that are long-lasting and spreading wider and wider as time passes. In 1634, Louis DeGeer, statesman, merchant, and player of the game of princes, having extracted as much information and technology as he...
  • The Battle for Newfoundland

    The smash 1632 sequel to the Danish Scheme! War clouds gather as the French and Danes struggle for control of the north in the New World. Move and counter-move play out as Richelieu launches a French expedition to sweep the Danes from their new settlements. It’s the Love Boat versus the French Navy as King...
  • The Muse of Music

    When the Italian musician Giacomo Carissimi hears about up-time music in Grantville he sets off across the Alps to see and hear these wonders. Nothing will keep him from his dream of learning the new music and seeing new instruments, not even warring militias and the threats of plague. He eventually makes his way to...
  • Love & Chemistry

    Love and Chemistry is the story of one young man's education in chemistry, life and love.
  • Bartley’s Man

    Not every hero stands at the forefront of battle, chopping up, or gunning down the foe. Johan Kipper, an old and worn mercenary who had done more than his share of chopping up and gunning down, finally found his hero, his liege lord, not in a great captain, but in David Bartley, a fourteen year...
  • Turn Your Radio On

    The war had been raging over the Germanies for a generation, displacing millions of Europeans and leaving increasing numbers with post-traumatic stress syndrome. One such victim who has grown to be a Lutheran Pastor is once again displaced and wanders into the town from the future, Grantville. It’s a case of being in the right...
  • Medicine and Disease after the Ring of Fire

    This book is a series of scholarly works based on the known facts of the 1630s and the theoretical effects of the Ring of Fire presented as part of the book 1632 and subsequent books and stories placed in the 1632 fictional universe.
  • Joseph Hanauer

    As central Europe crumbles during the Thirty Years War, Joseph Hanauer and a group of other Jewish refugees struggle to make their way from the Rhineland to Poland. Their plans change with rumors of troop movements and then an even more astounding rumor, that the actual pit of Hell has opened in the hills of...
  • No Ship for Tranquebar

    Marlon Pridmore was more than a small town loan officer. He also loved to tinker and make things—the more difficult, the better. Then, he found himself caught up in the Ring of Fire along with his whole town of Grantville and flung into the seventeenth century with no hope of return. He decided to ease...
  • The Danish Scheme

    Something new is brewing in the 17th century! Fans of the 1632 series have often asked ‘What’s going on in North America?’ Herbert Sakalaucks has set out to let you know in his short novel ‘The Danish Scheme.’ Christian IV, King of Denmark, Sir Thomas Roe, the English Ambassador to Christian’s court, various elements of...
  • Essen Steel

    What are The Crucibellus Manuscripts and who is Collette Dubois? Any mathematician living after the 17th century would have looked at you as though you were an idiot for asking. What did they have to do with the rise of industrial power in Europe? Read Kim’s story and find out! A novel set in Eric...

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