A Red Son Rises

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Herb Sakalaucks, author of The Danish Scheme and The Battle for Newfoundland, teams up with new ROF author, John Deakin, to bring us the next Ring of Fire story set in the New World. It tells the story of a young Pequod warrior returning to his native land after experiencing the trials of a servant to the spymaster for King James of England, and learning the harsh truths of how modern Grantville’s culture can challenge one’s faith.  It’s a poignant tale of a young man growing up quickly in a world that is experiencing its own growing pains as the effects of the Ring of Fire continue to expand.



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Ripped from his homeland to become the companion of an English spy, a young Native American is thrust into the turbulent world of a Europe staggering under the impact of the Ring of Fire.  His newfound Christianity is shaken by the loss of his master and a life-threatening injury.  Following after his Mennonite friends, he finds Grantville and is overwhelmed by American culture shock.   At last, rediscovering his faith, he plans a return to the New World as a missionary.  Only half a dozen warring powers and thousands of miles of ocean can block him, until he’s almost stopped by an unexpected event; love.  A storm, a baby, a near-shipwreck, and a timely rescue finally see him back in his homeland.  Now, all he has to do is to reach for his dreams.

1 review for A Red Son Rises

  1. William Scott (verified owner)

    A 17th century native of North America, after a long ‘visit’ to Europe, heads back west to save other North Americans with science, literacy and Christianity. A nice expanding thread to the ROF universe.

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