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  • 11,000 Years

    When the research starship Hawking ventures too close to the event horizon of a black hole, it is cast 11,000 years into the future. Captain Morgan and the crew must now create a new life for themselves in a universe where humanity has divided into four different branches in a self-directed evolution.
  • A 1632 Christmas

    Welcome to the Holidays in the 1630s!  Sit down, pull up some hot tea and spend some time with friends! The holidays are in full swing all over. Some people are falling in love, some people are learning new ways to celebrate, and others are even having babies.
  • A Grand Imperial War

    Lieutenant Suarez of the Imperial Marines is facing a sticky situation. The Human ambassador is having an affair with a Farsalian princess, which leads to an incident for which Suarez gets the blame. Fortunately—or unfortunately—for him, Emperor of all Humankind Stanislaus has been looking for an excuse to start a war anyway. Desperate battles, secret...
  • A Holmes For the Czar

    , , Ufa, the new capital of the legitimate government of Russia, is now a fast-growing boom town. Crime is running rampant and the city guards don't have a clue how to handle it. Can Vasilii Lyapuno, an engineer working at the newly-founded Dacha in Ufa, serve the city as a one-man detective force? Why not? He...
  • A Matter of Security

    Veterans of the Thirty Years Year from the same village move to Grantville and create Neustatter European Security Services, after which they find themselves dealing with all manner of challenges and dangers.
  • A Mission for the Czar

    , , Vasilii and Miroslava are back at work again. Czar Mikhail wants a rail line built from Ufa, the capital of his United Sovereign States of Russia, to the capital of the USSR’s newest addition, the Khazak Khanate. For that he needs a steam engineer and diplomat—Vasilii’s jobs—as well as a top surveyor. Unfortunately, the surveyor...
  • A Red Son Rises

    Herb Sakalaucks, author of The Danish Scheme and The Battle for Newfoundland, teams up with new ROF author, John Deakin, to bring us the next Ring of Fire story set in the New World. It tells the story of a young Pequod warrior returning to his native land after experiencing the trials of a servant...
  • A Red Son: Not Without Honor

    Eliezar and Arrow St. Clair have resettled among the Mohawks, but now must confront hostile shamans, a smallpox epidemic—and, of course, the ever-present problems created by the expanding settlements of white Europeans, who bring new technology with them as well as new diseases.
  • A Song of Passing by David Carrico, publiched by Ring of Fire Press, 2020

    A Song of Passing

    Caemon is the son of Cindras, High Lord of the Alflina. After a dragon destroys his people’s hold, he sets out to seek help from the king of Luint, possessing nothing beyond a magical relic providing him with the Gift of Mal. But before he can strike down the dragon, he will have to intercede...
  • After Hastings

    Harold’s defeat of William the (Would-be) Conqueror at Hastings starts a cascade of events, which soon lead to a conflict with the Roman church. Before long, the deepening conflict threatens to engulf the entire Christian world—and even those beyond it.
  • Anoria

    Book One of the Family of Wizards series Anoria is an orphan with few prospects in life. But though she wasn't born with a talent for Natural Magic she is a bright girl who likes to read and loves to solve puzzles—and she discovers there are other kinds of magic in the world. It will...
  • Arachne’s Webs

    , Jenny Starchild and her artificial brain ship Arachne are spinning political webs that will tie the Alliance together and bring down the Drake and Cordoba Combines. Or, if her weaving fails, see themselves executed and their human and alien allies enslaved or murdered.
  • Cover image for Backfire by J. Dharma Windham, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021


    A tech billionaire discovers a zero-sum energy device from wreckage located at the bottom of the world’s deepest oceanic trench, and the United States Navy sends for Mallory Capehart – their best salvage officer.
  • Bartley’s Man

    Not every hero stands at the forefront of battle, chopping up, or gunning down the foe. Johan Kipper, an old and worn mercenary who had done more than his share of chopping up and gunning down, finally found his hero, his liege lord, not in a great captain, but in David Bartley, a fourteen year...
  • Big Stick

    , In 1897, Beverly Haddad is well aware that her sex and race will keep her from investigating the deadly and mysterious lightning strikes that have plagued New York. She seeks help from Police Commissioner Teddy Roosevelt, and soon the two find themselves hunted by a vast conspiracy known as Gideon’s Trumpet which has access to...
  • Blood of a Nation

    “The first thing you must realize, is that you are already dead.” Brian McLean was willing to give his life for the cause of Liberty at the Battle of Concord Bridge—but he’s already done that, and now finds himself in the afterlife. So what’s next?
  • Blood’s Call

    Exiled from the Highlands, Duncan corNial finds refuge in Nika, as one of the city’s swordmasters and bounty hunter. When forced into exile again by the outcome of a duel, he finds further adventures as a caravan guard—and then falls into the hands of a peculiar religious order.
  • Blood’s Cost

    Duncan corNial, an exiled highlands clansman trained in the powers of a mysterious religious order, sets out to restore the rightful heir to the throne of the city of Nika and avenge his murdered brother in the process.
  • Bloodsuckers

    , , Journalist Steven Edwards considers the “Batties”—the loonies who believe that vampires are real—just another crazy extremist group. Then someone shoots at a presidential candidate, changes into a bat, and flies away before Steve’s eyes, leaving him as the prime suspect. With the help of the Batties, Steve goes underground. The only way he can establish...
  • Border Crosser

    Eris is an interstellar spy on a mission of vengeance. Her enemy’s power is terrifying, but she’ll never stop. She knows that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for brilliant, daring, and chaotically kinky heroines to do nothing.
  • Born in Magic

    This is the story of how Cordelia Cooper went from being the servant of a half-trained charlatan to the powerful and dangerous wizard we met in Anoria. It took many adventures in the Orclands as well as attending the College of Wizardry at Kronisburg. But that's just the way it is when you're Born in...
  • Cover image for Castaways of New Mojave by David Brin, published by Ring of Fire Pres 2021.

    Castaways of New Mojave

    The high school students and their teachers who were kidnapped by the alien Garubis and stranded on an alien world are struggling to survive in the face of dangers they’ve never encountered—and perhaps worst of all, the familiar dangers created by human nature.
  • City by the Bay

    , In the North American territory granted to the Tsar by treaty, his servants and soldiers build a settlement, Saint Helena, that grows to be the great city by the Golden Gate Bay. Adventurers of all kinds pass through or take up residence, winning and losing fortunes against the backdrop of the Great Game between mighty...
  • Colony High

    Book One of the High Horizon Series High school junior Mark Bamford is skeptical when rumors fly about the California town of Twenty-Nine Palms… rumors of a kidnapped alien!  Only soon he and Alexandra Behr and their friends discover things are pretty weird in town and getting weirder by the moment. Soon they are involved in plots...
  • Crawlspace

    Crawlspace is a collection of stories by Dave Freer and Eric Flint, who have collaborated on many novels together. This volume includes two stories from their popular Rats, Bats & Vats series. “The Genie Out of the Vat” is the novella that begins the entire cycle. “Crawlspace” is set about a century later and depicts...

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