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  • Cover image for Cordelia Cooper: Schooled in Magic, by Gorg huff and Paula Goodlett, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Schooled in Magic

    Cordelia Cooper: Book Two Cordelia Cooper, wizard in training, has to break off her studies to return to Pango Island. The overseers she’d left in charge during her absence have been abusing the sea elves and lizard men she’d left their care. The overseers, especially the Governor, need to be schooled in magic—and she’s just...
  • Schrödinger’s Frisbee

    A middle-agish college professor, Harold, and his dog, HardDrive, together with Olivia Zoë Maria Anderson, their newly acquired potential girlfriend, have been collected by aliens, who have a history of detonating suns of species who seem likely cause them future inconvenience. Mankind’s history seems to qualify Sol as a prime candidate for demolition at their...
  • Security Threats

    Book #3 in the NESS series Neustatter's European Security Services has a lot of challenges to deal with, among them a campaign of industrial sabotage, an espionage ring, and the aftermath of the Dreeson assassination. Then, there’s the missing heiress…
  • Shadows of Hyperion

    In this latest installment in the Grand Central Arena series, Ariane Austin and her friends find themselves unable to use their Arena-born powers—just as Humanity is menaced by dangers both alien and home-grown. Fifty years after Project Hyperion’s fall, the bill has come due, and everything —everything—is threatened by the long, dark shadows of Hyperion.
  • Sit. Stay. Kill.

    Prudence doesn’t believe in magic. But when she rescues an abused dog, she discovers that he’s actually a werewolf—and a charming, sexy hunk in his human form. She also discovers that she is a Circe, a natural sorceress. As long as Brandon wears her leash, she can command him to sit, stay ... or kill.
  • Space Man

    Jack Sparling’s Space Man Astronaut, Ian Stannard sets out with young Johnny Mack trying to reach the moon but instead is thrust into a galaxy full of adventure.  It’s the sixties and while man has struggled to reach it’s neighboring satellite, a moon base has already been built by a galactic union that thinks Earth...
  • Cover image for Special Education by David R. Palmer, published by Ring of Fire Press

    Spēcial Education

    “Palmer's back, and it was well worth the wait. It is possible to have more sheer fun than reading SPĒCIAL EDUCATION delivers—but it requires a partner, and (for most of us) privacy. This, you can enjoy alone on a bus without drawing attention, if you have a good poker face. I haven't had such a...
  • Stand by for Mars

    , In the year 2338, Tom Corbett enrolls as a cadet in the Space Academy—and before his first year is over, has to deal with conflicts in his team, the stress of examinations, rescuing the crew of a disabled spaceship, and crash-landing on Mars.
  • Cover image for Subway in the Sky by Nathan B. Dodge, Copyright Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Subway in the Sky

    Three visionaries have created a company that can establish stable wormholes, and have set up portals throughout the inner solar system as well as the moons of Jupiter and Saturn. But now an alien species has seized the portal on Titan and is using it to invade the solar system.
  • Cover image for Subway to the Stars by Nathan B. Dodge, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Subway to the Stars

    Book Two of the Subway Trilogy Hostile aliens have launched an attack on Earth and its solar system, using the new portal system of travel as their entry point. That first attack was driven off, but now the “Bugs” are using pirate (unauthorized) portals for the same purpose. Suddenly humanity’s solar system is faced with...
  • Tales from the Mermaid & Tiger: Engines of Change

    , The Mermaid and Tiger is the most exciting tavern in modern Copenhagen—modern being the year 1636, in the new world created by the Ring of Fire. The food and drink served—and even more, the tales being told—are the best to be found anywhere.
  • The Angel and the Sword

    Guided and guarded by an angel, a young Spanish knight saves Paris from the Vikings during one of the darkest eras of Christendom — and turns out to be a girl.
  • The Battle for Newfoundland

    The smash 1632 sequel to the Danish Scheme! War clouds gather as the French and Danes struggle for control of the north in the New World. Move and counter-move play out as Richelieu launches a French expedition to sweep the Danes from their new settlements. It’s the Love Boat versus the French Navy as King...
  • The Bear Flag

    The year is 1846, and war is brewing between the United States and Mexico. In Sutter’s Fort, recently-widowed Cat Reilly gets involved with John Fremont and Kit Carson’s political schemes as they strive to create a California Republic.
  • The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon

    In Iver P. Cooper’s latest alternate history novel, a new contribution to Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe, the romance between Juan Cardona, an officer in Spain’s Manila garrison, and Huang Mingyu, a young, beautiful Chinese woman, is threatened when a Dutch-Japanese force launches a surprise attack on 17th century Manila. Manila falls and Juan is rescued...
  • The Company Man

    , The Company Man, lowly accountant for the filthy-richest business in the Asteroid Belt, has modest aspirations. Air and water not endlessly recycled. Food that had not been freeze-dried and re-hydrated. A few quiet days at home. And, if he can figure out how, pilfering a bit from the company. If he survives…. “When people talk...
  • The Danish Scheme

    Something new is brewing in the 17th century! Fans of the 1632 series have often asked ‘What’s going on in North America?’ Herbert Sakalaucks has set out to let you know in his short novel ‘The Danish Scheme.’ Christian IV, King of Denmark, Sir Thomas Roe, the English Ambassador to Christian’s court, various elements of...
  • Cover image for The Demons of Constantinople, by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, & Paula Goodlett. Published by Ring of Fire Press, 2020.

    The Demons of Constantinople

    , In the year 1372, the space-time continuum has been breached and demons spill from the netherworld into the human one. Teenagers from the future along with allies they’ve made—human and supernatural—travel to Constantinople in hopes of finding a way to close the demon rift.
  • The Demons of Paris

    , A new series by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett! It's January of 1372 and the space-time continuum has been breached by a great rift. Demons, imps, and spirits, evil and benign, spill into the universe from the netherworld.
  • The Dragon’s Apprentice

    Evann and his friend Rufous, now elevated to the status of wizard-in-progress and Solon of the dragons, both have a lot to learn—and not much time to learn it before chaos erupts. An evil dragon is up to no good and the goblins are up to worse.
  • The Dragon’s Boy

    Evann leaves his village in search of answers to the many questions he has, and finds a friend and partner in his quest: Rufous the dragon. Soon, the pair are embroiled in dragon politics and wizardly duels. Evann still hasn’t got answers to most of his questions, but he does know one thing for sure....
  • The Dragon’s Wizard

    Book 3 of The Dragon Wizard Series Now grown strong in his wizardry and reunited with his dragon Rufous, Evann must defend his city of Morshton against an invading horde of goblins. To make things worse, the goblins have their own dragon—the legendary Il Devankh, said to be the deadliest one of all time.
  • The Gourmets of Grantville

    The Ring of Fire that transposed the modern American town of Grantville into the middle of the Thirty Years War forced its inhabitants to face many challenges of a political, military, economic, social and religious nature. But it posed more mundane challenges as well. What do you cook and eat when half the foods you’re...
  • The Grantville Inquisitor

    There are many stories in the naked city of Grantville. Did Wallenstein come to Grantville secretly? Is Cardinal Richelieu still alive? How did Bigfoot get trapped in the Ring of Fire? Does Cyrano de Bergerac really have a huge schnozz? Denis and Betsy, intrepid reporters, bring all that is hidden and secret to light in...
  • The Horsewoman

    Karen Bergstralh was one of the early pioneers of what became the massive, multi-author Ring of Fire alternate history series. Her first published story, “One Man’s Junk,” appeared in the fourth issue of the Grantville Gazette electronic magazine that is devoted to the series—the fourth issue of what are now ninety-six issues. Karen passed away...

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