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  • Cover art for Tracking by David R. Palmer


    , Candy’s back: Candidia Smith-Foster is still as adorable and deadly as she was in Emergence. Now she deals with Neo-Nazis in the post-apocalyptic world she found when she Emerged from the bunker her dad left for her.
  • Treadwell

    The Pinkerton investigator August Lepke finds an assignment in Alaska to be more than he expected. A serial killer would have been bad enough. He also has to deal with suffragettes, native policemen, political powerhouses, Austrian noblewomen, English journalists, belligerent immigrant cold miners, saboteurs—all of this against the backdrop of America’s greatest source of gold...
  • Turn Your Radio On

    The war had been raging over the Germanies for a generation, displacing millions of Europeans and leaving increasing numbers with post-traumatic stress syndrome. One such victim who has grown to be a Lutheran Pastor is once again displaced and wanders into the town from the future, Grantville. It’s a case of being in the right...
  • Twilight of Empire

    , The Axis won World War II and the United States has been divided up between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The former allies are now at war with each other and Alaska Territory is in rebellion. Is this the twilight of both empires?
  • Two Cases for the Czar

    Miroslava Holmes, the one and only licensed private detective in the United Sovereign States of Russia, has two new cases which couldn’t be more different: a locked room mystery involving espionage and a simple theft that nevertheless requires a trip to Kazan. But the cases do have one thing in common—they will both put her...
  • Up-time Pride and Down-Time Prejudice

    Set in the Ring of Fire universe, this is the story of Mary Russo, freshly graduated from Grantville high school. She has been hired by one of the wealthiest families of the seventeenth century, and now finds herself in a world very different from the West Virginia she once knew—a gilded world of intrigue, love...
  • Venus, Mars, and Hell

    , The adventures of two young women in worlds very different from our own. Worlds in which the laws of nature have changed—but human behavior hasn’t. Worlds in which travel to the planets is much less dangerous than the people aboard the ships that make those voyages.  
  • WarSpell: Miss Midshipman Teasdale

    , A down on her luck young woman has to join the Kingdom Navy to get by. It’s a hard life for a studious and introspective would-be magician, having to deal with thuggish fellow midshipmen, criminals, perverted elves, the fire and fury of battle and the whims of high command. But she’s determined to make her...
  • WarSpell: Space Race

    , When the Merge happened, the world as people knew it and the world of the WarSpell role playing game got completely tangled up. Now, magic can turn space exploration into a popular pastime. Fortunes can be made! But it’s not going to be cheap—and definitely not safe. The hardscrabble outfits will have to risk losing...
  • WarSpell: The Merge

    , How does politics deal with people often citizens who are suddenly gifted with special powers, and an extra set of memories?
  • Cover image for The Orclands, Game of Freedom Book 1, a WarSpell novel, by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett, Published by Ring of Fire Pres 2021

    WarSpell: The Orclands

    , Game of Freedom Book 1 The Merge leaves the memories and abilities of two American soldiers from Fort Benning in the bodies of a conquistador and a half-orc divine intercessor of Twir, the goddess of scribes, in a world filled with slavery and human sacrifice. They are determined to let freedom ring. But doing so...
  • WarSpell: The Vampiress of Londinium

    , The Merge went both ways. So, as the grandmother got the memories of the new-made vampire, and the high school teacher got the memories of a vampire hunter, the vampire and hunter got the memories of the grandmother and history teacher. This is the story of how they dealt with that knowledge.

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