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  • Daggers in Darkness

    In this first book of S.M. Stirling’s Treasures of Tartary trilogy, set in his Black Chamber alternate history, Luz O’Malley and Ciara Whelan, are agents of President Teddy Roosevelt. They are tasked to figure out where all the Chinese antiquities being smuggled into the USA are coming from. Bodies keep turning up all over Chinatown...
  • Danger in Deep Space

    , A mission to Alpha Centauri places Cadet Tom Corbett and his Polaris shipmates Astro and Roger Manning in grave danger when criminals engage in subterfuge and sabotage.
  • Dark Day Bright Hour

    A hitman and the innocent woman he tried to rescue from drowning find themselves in Hell—him, because he belongs there and she because of a clerical error. Lucifer gives them a sporting chance to escape eternal damnation, but they only have a guardian angel and a crossroads demon as an escort—and those two have an...
  • Front cover panel for Darktraders by Rosemary Edghill writing as eluki bes shahar, Published by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press, April 2022


    Two ships sat on the field. They was 'leggers and pirates equipped with the standard box of tricks. Tractors to lock them on to a ship or free-floating cargo, guns that could angle to protect a ship on the ground. And a nasty sense of civic duty. They was going to hold us on the...
  • Cover image for Demon Lord of Elysium by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett, Copyright Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Demon Lord of Elysium

    In this third book of the Demon Rift series we get a look at how things work on the demon side of the veils between the worlds—and how adventuring looks to the servants who go along to cook the meals and take care of the wagons. And how a demon in the form of a...
  • Demons of the Past: Retribution

    , A Fugitive Against an Empire Imprisoned as a hostage or a bargaining chip, Sasham Varan must rely on his friends The Eonwyl, Sooovickalassa, and Guvthor Hok Guvthor to find proof of the impossible truth: that Prime Monitor Shagrath is one of the legendary Demons, manipulating the Empire and others to destroy every civilization across the...
  • Cover image for Demons of the Past: Revelations by Ryk E. Spoor

    Demons of the Past: Revelation

    Now on the run, branded a rebel and a murderous psionic, Varan's hope to save the Empire rests on his own determination and still-untested powers, two alien scientists with their own agendas, the mysterious trader named The Eonwyl... and his friend Taelin Mel'Tasne's, one of the Five Families.
  • Demons of the Past: Revolution

    , Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath, head of the Monitor Corps and right hand of the Emperor, was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive and the most-wanted...
  • Designed to Fail

    Frederik of Denmark, the son of King Christian IV, has been made the governor of the new province of Westphalia, which seems to have been designed to fail. Problems abound everywhere—not the least of which is that he has developed a passion for the younger sister of Gretchen Richter. Yes, that Gretchen Richter.
  • Diamonds are Forever

    Clint Slade and Jodi Goldman, his fiancée from New York City, have to journey into the caverns below the Slade family’s secluded Kentucky home. Something—or some thing—has stirred up the inhuman denizens of those caverns, and they need to find out what it is. And then, if they can, put a stop to it before...
  • Emergence

    , From The Journals Of Candidia Smith-Foster: “By now reader probably wondering who or what H. post hominem might be.  Or (at very least) me.  Viewed in that light, introductions are in order: “Name:  Candidia Maria Smith-Foster.  Born 11 years ago to Smiths; orphaned six months later; adopted by Dr. and Mrs. Foster—‘Daddy’ and ‘Momma.’  Been...
  • Essen Defiant

    Whether it was a blessed miracle or a disastrous catastrophe, the arrival of Grantville in Europe in the year 1631 created changes that are long-lasting and spreading wider and wider as time passes. In 1634, Louis DeGeer, statesman, merchant, and player of the game of princes, having extracted as much information and technology as he...
  • Essen Steel

    What are The Crucibellus Manuscripts and who is Collette Dubois? Any mathematician living after the 17th century would have looked at you as though you were an idiot for asking. What did they have to do with the rise of industrial power in Europe? Read Kim’s story and find out! A novel set in Eric...
  • Everything Works In Theory

    Cast into a bizarre place called Theory, C.E. MacLeary travels to Mythology and through the Gates of Hell. He meets gods, demons, denizens of Hell, blood suckers and lawyers. In a world named Theory, there are no natural limits to what can happen. Just for starters, when Mac meets AIDA, the Artificial Intelligence Descriptive Algorithm,...
  • Fire on the Rio Grande

    , In Nuevo Mexico, the Spanish province farther from the king than any other, Father Philip, the only Jesuit north of the Rio Grande, received word of a new town in Germany full of time travelers. Just one article from the Britannica lights a revolt of the native population. Will it be the first colony to...
  • Fool’s Paradise

    Evan is a freelance covert operative, a reckless fool who doesn’t have enough sense to stay out of dangerous places or turn down risky jobs. The shadowy Committee for Imperial Security hires him to retrieve an object of value from the planet Hemica. Only, exactly what the object is doesn’t seem to fall within the...
  • French Roast Apocalypse

    Former monster-hunter turned revenant monster Dylan O'Reilly runs a halfway house for monsters. Vampire leanan sidhe mage and medium Keenan Murray was forced to rip the veil between worlds asunder. Now Dylan fights to protect his people, Keenan for his soul and freedom, both unaware of what binds them together.
  • From the Ashes of a Dead World

    , The defeated survivors of an interstellar war seek refuge on a long-forgotten planet, only to discover a human civilization with the industrial development of mid-20th century Earth—and which itself is embroiled in a brutal world war. Should they strive for peaceful coexistence or domination?
  • Cover image for From the Ashes of Armageddon by Shane Gries, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    From the Ashes of Armageddon

    , The final showdown between competing factions of a banished star nation erupts in an apocalyptic bloodbath. Those who stand for what is just and right, resist in the face of suicidal odds and relentless conquest. In the end, the contest will be decided by indomitable spirit and a ruthless desire to survive.
  • From the Ashes of Interstellar Empire

    , The planet Renas is a world populated by humans with 1950’s-level technology. It is surrounded by a fleet of starships, crewed by human beings from a far-flung system who are refugees from a bloody interstellar war. Both sides are locked in a deadly struggle to determine the fate of this isolated world.
  • Ganny Knits a Spaceship

    , Written by David Gerrold, the Hugo and Nebula award winning author of “The Trouble With Tribbles,” The War Against the Chtorr series, “The Man Who Folded Himself,” and “The Martian Child.”
  • Heart of the World

    A renegade Knight Templar, an Arab orphan and the teenage daughter of a Jewish scholar are caught in the Mongol capture and sack of Baghdad in the year 1258. Each in their own way, they survive the catastrophe and grapple with the challenges of a new and savage world.
  • Hellflower

    Somebody had nailed Moke Rahone to his Desk. . . . I pulled off my glove and yanked out the optional extra somebody’d left with Brother Rahone. What I got for my trouble was long and thin, pointed at one end and with feathers at the other. It was mostly red, but where it was...
  • Front cover of I Want to Be Your Hero by Kerryn Offord, published by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press, March 2022

    I Want to Be Your Hero

    The universe is insistent on making John Felix “Puss” Trellia hero. He doesn’t think he is, or ever could be. Yet every time he winds up in danger, he acts like the hero he thinks he cannot be.
  • I, One

    One is an intelligent, self-aware android, developed to serve in dangerous occupations or as a caretaker in senior living or hospital facilities. But prejudice and hatred are being fomented by those who fear AI devices, and One may discover that he has been outlawed before he can fulfill his purpose.

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