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  • Incident in Alaska Prefecture

    , The German-Japanese Axis rules the world with an iron hand. Levi Fischer, one of the last Jews in the Alaska Prefecture, works hard, keeps his head down and hopes the Japanese overseers do not notice him. All is well until a fateful, snowy night when a dying Japanese manager bursts into the small wooden office...
  • Cover image for Jack by Cecelia Holland, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021


    Sixteen year old Jenny Dolf hates being a girl. She resents the restrictions on her life, and she just feels wrong, and trapped, in her female’s body. When the Revolution breaks out, she takes her father’s musket and poses as a boy named Jack, to join George Washington’s army on the heights of Long Island....
  • Jamaica Blue Magic

    Dylan, the monster-hunter-turned-revenant, goes to Jamaica in hope of forgetting past grief. But a European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s family have plans of their own. For him.
  • Joseph Hanauer

    As central Europe crumbles during the Thirty Years War, Joseph Hanauer and a group of other Jewish refugees struggle to make their way from the Rhineland to Poland. Their plans change with rumors of troop movements and then an even more astounding rumor, that the actual pit of Hell has opened in the hills of...
  • Kona

    Kona is a roller coaster ride of an adventure that races all over the world and finds monsters to fight at every stop. The title character, Kona, is basically John Wayne in a loincloth with a very large knife who isn’t afraid to throw a few grenades if the occasion arises. Fiercely loyal, he protects...
  • Legend

    , Doctor Jennifer Hsui thought she was a good therapist, and tried her best to be a good single mother to her daughter Yukari – something scarier than it had been, before the world had turned out to harbor werewolves, vampires, shadowy dragons… and now, just five years before, superheroes and their superhuman adversaries. But all...
  • Letters From Gronow

    , What happens when the seventeenth century encounters Cthulhu and Nyarlathotep? What happens when the Elder Gods descend upon Magdeburg? When literary entrepreneur Johann Gronow discovers the stories of H. P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allen Poe in the libraries and book collections of Grantville, he launches a magazine for the purpose of publishing translations of their...
  • London Days Demon Nights

    , The world is not what it seems. There are vampires, demons, shape changers, mermaids and sirens. The underworld is real and the people of twenty-first century England don’t know a thing about it. The Commission is tasked with seeing to it that the people of England can continue to enjoy their state of joyful ignorance....
  • Love & Chemistry

    Love and Chemistry is the story of one young man's education in chemistry, life and love.
  • Magdeburg Noir

    , Magdeburg, the capital of the newly-formed United States of Europe, has a dark and bloody history. New industries inspired by the technology of the time-transplanted Americans of Grantville have now turned the city into a boom town—but also a place that generates new darkness and chaos.
  • Marked Territory

    Like any sensible alley cat, Leo minds his own business. But between a mouse desperate enough to ask him for help and suspicious behavior by dogs and raccoons in his area of the Bronx, he soon realizes that Something is Wrong. His turf has become… Marked Territory.
  • Medicine and Disease after the Ring of Fire

    This book is a series of scholarly works based on the known facts of the 1630s and the theoretical effects of the Ring of Fire presented as part of the book 1632 and subsequent books and stories placed in the 1632 fictional universe.
  • Megan Thomas: Forensic Sorceress

    Megan Thomas works in the office of the District Attorney as a forensic sorceress. Her job is to protect the citizens of the greater metropolitan area of Tulsa from all manner of evil sorcerers and vampires—while also managing her personal life without endangering the people in it.
  • Missions of Security

    Neustatter’s European Security Services is open for business, and business is . . . too good? Neustatter and Astrid find themselves pressed to staff, train, and equip the agency while keeping up with their clients’ growing requirements in scope and complexity.And while they're at it, handle one mission of security after another.
  • Cover image for Mrs. Flannery's Flowers by Bethanne Kim, Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Mrs. Flannery’s Flowers

    Each in different ways, having been brought together by the Ring of Fire, people from the twentieth and seventeenth centuries try to adapt to their new situations. Some handle it very well, others not so well—and some don’t seem able to adjust at all.
  • Nevada Rails

    In the 1870s, Nevada and California are very much a part of the “the wild West.” That’s especially true if you’re Lily, the adopted daughter of the notorious outlaw, King Callahan, who has managed to get himself—and her—in the sights of the Southern Pacific railroad’s most relentless detective.
  • No Place to Die

    Zhao Xin, the only child of China’s ruler, has defected. Her father believes her body, her stealth fighter and her stolen war plans are on the bottom of the Yellow Sea, but he’s not certain. America has hidden her on a lunar colony, disguised as an astronaut—but Chinese agents are now searching for her everywhere.
  • No Ship for Tranquebar

    , Marlon Pridmore was more than a small town loan officer. He also loved to tinker and make things—the more difficult, the better. Then, he found himself caught up in the Ring of Fire along with his whole town of Grantville and flung into the seventeenth century with no hope of return. He decided to ease...
  • Old Nathan

    The adventures of an Appalachian backwoodsman with skills and powers that go far beyond what you might expect from such a rustic old fellow. Monsters, ghosts, witches—he can deal with them all.
  • Old Soldiers

    Pollux and other Myrmidon like him were forged to be warriors. To be weapons. To stand on the front lines and protect the world from the alien threat. No one expected them to survive. But some did, and they bear the scars of that war. Pollux survived the invasion of an alien armada, and those...
  • Pacific Street

    In this YA novel, Holland shows us a raging San Francisco during the beginning of the 1849 Gold Rush. Many different types of people are flocking to California. Preachers, con men, miners, Mormons, army deserters, and Native Americans are trying to start over. Here are Frances Hardhardt, an escaped slave whose goal is to never...
  • Painted Cats

    Leo is the toughest alley cat around, but he’s got some soft spots. One is for an ex-flame looking for help and the other is for abandoned kittens, which lead him into trouble a lot bigger than he expected. But putting trouble in front of Leo is not what the furry denizens of the streets...
  • Pandora’s Crew

    , New York Times bestselling authors Paula Goodlett and Gorg Huff are happy to bring you a new book in a new series, in a whole new universe. You will be familiar with Gorg and Paula from their books in Eric Flint’s 1632 Ring of Fire series, The Kremlin Games, The Viennese Waltz, The Volga Rules...
  • Paradigms Lost

    Jason Wood was used to working with the police, as an expert in data retrieval, image analysis, and system security. It was a comfortable, usually safe, and thoroughly rational and scientific existence. But then an informant showed up dead on his doorstep, a photograph didn't show someone who'd been in the viewfinder when the picture...
  • New!Front cover panel for Paradise by Marella Sands, published by Eric Flint's Ring of Fire Press, May 2022


    The first small gestures of rapprochement between the Union and the Free States brings not only hope for the future, but a new terror that no one had quite imagined. Disease attacks those at a governmental function, and those who have succumbed have only a small chance of survival. Can Rook and Thorn, partnered with...

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