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  • Cover image for The Orclands, Game of Freedom Book 1, a WarSpell novel, by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett, Published by Ring of Fire Pres 2021

    WarSpell: The Orclands

    , Game of Freedom Book 1 The Merge leaves the memories and abilities of two American soldiers from Fort Benning in the bodies of a conquistador and a half-orc divine intercessor of Twir, the goddess of scribes, in a world filled with slavery and human sacrifice. They are determined to let freedom ring. But doing so...
  • New!

    WarSpell: The Princess’ Choice

    , In the fourth book of the Game of Freedom series in the WarSpell multiverse, Princess Angelina realizes that no one is going to give her a choice. If the Princess wants a choice, she is going to have to take it.
  • WarSpell: The Vampiress of Londinium

    , The Merge went both ways. So, as the grandmother got the memories of the new-made vampire, and the high school teacher got the memories of a vampire hunter, the vampire and hunter got the memories of the grandmother and history teacher. This is the story of how they dealt with that knowledge.
  • WarSpell: World Sailing

    , Game of Freedom, Book 3 Frank Johnson to the rescue? He's not a high level merge. Not an officer of renown, just a recently retired Sergeant. But the other half of his merge needs his help. And a Retired Airborne Ranger well it's unwise to under estimate them.
  • Cover image for Whalesong by Stoney Compton, published by Eric Flnt's Ring of Fire Press, March 2022


    Whalesong is the story of two disparate beings, enemies by the nature of their world yet closer in understanding than with any member of their own species. Two creatures that have as much to learn about themselves as they do about the other, and come to rely on one another as they begin a journey...

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