The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon

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In Iver P. Cooper’s latest alternate history novel, a new contribution to Eric Flint’s 1632 Universe, the romance between Juan Cardona, an officer in Spain’s Manila garrison, and Huang Mingyu, a young, beautiful Chinese woman, is threatened when a Dutch-Japanese force launches a surprise attack on 17th century Manila. Manila falls and Juan is rescued by Huang Mingyu, who proves to have hidden talents and connections. It is then up to Juan warn the incoming Manila galleon of the Dutch-Japanese threat before it blunders into Manila Bay, and to prove his worth to Mingyu’s family.  Who have interests of their own in the region….

Will true love prevail when Japan (the chrysanthemum), Spain (the cross) and China (the dragon) come into conflict?

1 review for The Chrysanthemum, the Cross, and the Dragon

  1. Bill Scott

    Cooper takes us to 1630’s East Asia after the arrival of Grantville in central Europe. The Philippines and Taiwan are up for grabs among the Chinese, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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