Danger in Deep Space

A mission to Alpha Centauri places Cadet Tom Corbett and his Polaris shipmates Astro and Roger Manning in grave danger when criminals engage in subterfuge and sabotage.



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In the 24th century, humanity is united in the Solar Alliance, with representatives from Earth, Mars, Venus and the larger satellites such as Titan, Ganymede and Luna. Peace is maintained by the Solar Guard, whose officers are taken from the Space Academy.

Cadets Tom Corbett, Astro and Roger Manning are assigned to take their spaceship Polaris into deep space—an interstellar voyage to Alpha Centauri! The bad news is that their new commander, Major Connel, is a notorious martinet.

The perils of the voyage are compounded by criminals who are already familiar with the Alpha Centauri system and know that it holds a satellite containing an immensely rich body of ore. The criminals do everything in their power to sabotage the mission of the Polaris so that they can claim the riches for themselves. The three cadets and their new commander are forced into a desperate race to defend the satellite and save their own lives in the doing.

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