Dark Day, Bright Hour


A hitman and the innocent woman he tried to rescue from drowning find themselves in Hell—him, because he belongs there and she because of a clerical error. Lucifer gives them a sporting chance to escape eternal damnation, but they only have a guardian angel and a crossroads demon as an escort—and those two have an unfortunate history.


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Derek’s been secretly storing up power for millennia, because he wants revenge on everyone on his list—and it’s a very long list.

But as a low-level crossroads demon, his chances of success are pretty much zero. Now he’s stuck escorting three idiots through Hell: a condemned hitman, a choir girl cast into the Pit by a clerical error, and her guardian angel—with whom Derek has a history, thanks very much.

With an infernal rebellion looming, along with a premature Armageddon, the black and withered thing Derek used to call a conscience rears its stupid head. Now he has a choice…

Rescue friends he never thought he’d have from a boss he never thought he’d defy. Or let it all burn and dance in the ashes.


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