Sword, Sorcery, Demons, and more!

  • A Song of Passing by David Carrico, publiched by Ring of Fire Press, 2020

    A Song of Passing

    $5.99 Caemon is the son of Cindras, High Lord of the Alflina. After a dragon destroys his people’s hold, he sets out to seek help from the king of Luint, possessing nothing beyond a magical relic providing him with the Gift of Mal. But before he can strike down the dragon, he will have to intercede...
  • Anoria

    $5.99 Book One of the Family of Wizards series Anoria is an orphan with few prospects in life. But though she wasn't born with a talent for Natural Magic she is a bright girl who likes to read and loves to solve puzzles—and she discovers there are other kinds of magic in the world. It will...
  • Blood of a Nation

    $5.99 “The first thing you must realize, is that you are already dead.” Brian McLean was willing to give his life for the cause of Liberty at the Battle of Concord Bridge—but he’s already done that, and now finds himself in the afterlife. So what’s next?
  • Blood’s Call

    $5.99 Exiled from the Highlands, Duncan corNial finds refuge in Nika, as one of the city’s swordmasters and bounty hunter. When forced into exile again by the outcome of a duel, he finds further adventures as a caravan guard—and then falls into the hands of a peculiar religious order.
  • Blood’s Cost

    $5.99 Duncan corNial, an exiled highlands clansman trained in the powers of a mysterious religious order, sets out to restore the rightful heir to the throne of the city of Nika and avenge his murdered brother in the process.
  • Born in Magic

    $5.99 This is the story of how Cordelia Cooper went from being the servant of a half-trained charlatan to the powerful and dangerous wizard we met in Anoria. It took many adventures in the Orclands as well as attending the College of Wizardry at Kronisburg. But that's just the way it is when you're Born in...
  • Crawlspace

    $4.99 Crawlspace is a collection of stories by Dave Freer and Eric Flint, who have collaborated on many novels together. This volume includes two stories from their popular Rats, Bats & Vats series. “The Genie Out of the Vat” is the novella that begins the entire cycle. “Crawlspace” is set about a century later and depicts...
  • Dark Day Bright Hour

    $4.99 A hitman and the innocent woman he tried to rescue from drowning find themselves in Hell—him, because he belongs there and she because of a clerical error. Lucifer gives them a sporting chance to escape eternal damnation, but they only have a guardian angel and a crossroads demon as an escort—and those two have an...
  • Cover image for Demon Lord of Elysium by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett, Copyright Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Demon Lord of Elysium

    $5.99 In this third book of the Demon Rift series we get a look at how things work on the demon side of the veils between the worlds—and how adventuring looks to the servants who go along to cook the meals and take care of the wagons. And how a demon in the form of a...
  • Demons of the Past: Retribution

    $5.99 , A Fugitive Against an Empire Imprisoned as a hostage or a bargaining chip, Sasham Varan must rely on his friends The Eonwyl, Sooovickalassa, and Guvthor Hok Guvthor to find proof of the impossible truth: that Prime Monitor Shagrath is one of the legendary Demons, manipulating the Empire and others to destroy every civilization across the...
  • Cover image for Demons of the Past: Revelations by Ryk E. Spoor

    Demons of the Past: Revelation

    $5.99 Now on the run, branded a rebel and a murderous psionic, Varan's hope to save the Empire rests on his own determination and still-untested powers, two alien scientists with their own agendas, the mysterious trader named The Eonwyl... and his friend Taelin Mel'Tasne's, one of the Five Families.
  • Demons of the Past: Revolution

    $5.99 , Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath, head of the Monitor Corps and right hand of the Emperor, was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive and the most-wanted...
  • Diamonds are Forever

    $4.99 Clint Slade and Jodi Goldman, his fiancée from New York City, have to journey into the caverns below the Slade family’s secluded Kentucky home. Something—or some thing—has stirred up the inhuman denizens of those caverns, and they need to find out what it is. And then, if they can, put a stop to it before...
  • Everything Works In Theory

    $4.99 Cast into a bizarre place called Theory, C.E. MacLeary travels to Mythology and through the Gates of Hell. He meets gods, demons, denizens of Hell, blood suckers and lawyers. In a world named Theory, there are no natural limits to what can happen. Just for starters, when Mac meets AIDA, the Artificial Intelligence Descriptive Algorithm,...
  • French Roast Apocalypse

    $5.99 Former monster-hunter turned revenant monster Dylan O'Reilly runs a halfway house for monsters. Vampire leanan sidhe mage and medium Keenan Murray was forced to rip the veil between worlds asunder. Now Dylan fights to protect his people, Keenan for his soul and freedom, both unaware of what binds them together.
  • Jamaica Blue Magic

    $5.99 Dylan, the monster-hunter-turned-revenant, goes to Jamaica in hope of forgetting past grief. But a European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s family have plans of their own. For him.
  • Legend

    $5.99 , Doctor Jennifer Hsui thought she was a good therapist, and tried her best to be a good single mother to her daughter Yukari – something scarier than it had been, before the world had turned out to harbor werewolves, vampires, shadowy dragons… and now, just five years before, superheroes and their superhuman adversaries. But all...
  • London Days Demon Nights

    $4.99 , The world is not what it seems. There are vampires, demons, shape changers, mermaids and sirens. The underworld is real and the people of twenty-first century England don’t know a thing about it. The Commission is tasked with seeing to it that the people of England can continue to enjoy their state of joyful ignorance....
  • Marked Territory

    $4.99 Like any sensible alley cat, Leo minds his own business. But between a mouse desperate enough to ask him for help and suspicious behavior by dogs and raccoons in his area of the Bronx, he soon realizes that Something is Wrong. His turf has become… Marked Territory.
  • Megan Thomas: Forensic Sorceress

    $5.99 Megan Thomas works in the office of the District Attorney as a forensic sorceress. Her job is to protect the citizens of the greater metropolitan area of Tulsa from all manner of evil sorcerers and vampires—while also managing her personal life without endangering the people in it.
  • Old Nathan

    $4.99 The adventures of an Appalachian backwoodsman with skills and powers that go far beyond what you might expect from such a rustic old fellow. Monsters, ghosts, witches—he can deal with them all.
  • Old Soldiers

    $5.99 Pollux and other Myrmidon like him were forged to be warriors. To be weapons. To stand on the front lines and protect the world from the alien threat. No one expected them to survive. But some did, and they bear the scars of that war. Pollux survived the invasion of an alien armada, and those...
  • Painted Cats

    $5.99 Leo is the toughest alley cat around, but he’s got some soft spots. One is for an ex-flame looking for help and the other is for abandoned kittens, which lead him into trouble a lot bigger than he expected. But putting trouble in front of Leo is not what the furry denizens of the streets...
  • Paradigms Lost

    $5.99 Jason Wood was used to working with the police, as an expert in data retrieval, image analysis, and system security. It was a comfortable, usually safe, and thoroughly rational and scientific existence. But then an informant showed up dead on his doorstep, a photograph didn't show someone who'd been in the viewfinder when the picture...
  • Cover image for Reluctant Goddess, Book 1 of the Kleopatra Chronicles, by J. Dharma Windham. Published by Ring of Fire Press 2021.

    Reluctant Goddess

    $5.99 Book 1 of the Kleopatra Chronicles Princess Kleopatra’s tranquil teenage life is devastated when her father, the Macedonian Pharaoh of Egypt, is driven from the throne, and she is forced to flee for her life, dodging assassins and demonic attack. Egypt awaits the rise of one who can reverse its foretold destruction, and the Egyptian...

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