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  • Cover image for Cordelia Cooper: Schooled in Magic, by Gorg huff and Paula Goodlett, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    Schooled in Magic

    $4.99 Cordelia Cooper: Book Two Cordelia Cooper, wizard in training, has to break off her studies to return to Pango Island. The overseers she’d left in charge during her absence have been abusing the sea elves and lizard men she’d left their care. The overseers, especially the Governor, need to be schooled in magic—and she’s just...
  • Shadows of Hyperion

    $5.99 In this latest installment in the Grand Central Arena series, Ariane Austin and her friends find themselves unable to use their Arena-born powers—just as Humanity is menaced by dangers both alien and home-grown. Fifty years after Project Hyperion’s fall, the bill has come due, and everything —everything—is threatened by the long, dark shadows of Hyperion.
  • Sit. Stay. Kill.

    $4.99 Prudence doesn’t believe in magic. But when she rescues an abused dog, she discovers that he’s actually a werewolf—and a charming, sexy hunk in his human form. She also discovers that she is a Circe, a natural sorceress. As long as Brandon wears her leash, she can command him to sit, stay ... or kill.
  • Cover image for The Demons of Constantinople, by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff, & Paula Goodlett. Published by Ring of Fire Press, 2020.

    The Demons of Constantinople

    $4.99 , In the year 1372, the space-time continuum has been breached and demons spill from the netherworld into the human one. Teenagers from the future along with allies they’ve made—human and supernatural—travel to Constantinople in hopes of finding a way to close the demon rift.
  • The Demons of Paris

    $6.99 , A new series by Eric Flint, Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett! It's January of 1372 and the space-time continuum has been breached by a great rift. Demons, imps, and spirits, evil and benign, spill into the universe from the netherworld.
  • The Dragon’s Apprentice

    $4.99 Evann and his friend Rufous, now elevated to the status of wizard-in-progress and Solon of the dragons, both have a lot to learn—and not much time to learn it before chaos erupts. An evil dragon is up to no good and the goblins are up to worse.
  • The Dragon’s Boy

    $4.99 Evann leaves his village in search of answers to the many questions he has, and finds a friend and partner in his quest: Rufous the dragon. Soon, the pair are embroiled in dragon politics and wizardly duels. Evann still hasn’t got answers to most of his questions, but he does know one thing for sure....
  • The Dragon’s Wizard

    $4.99 Book 3 of The Dragon Wizard Series Now grown strong in his wizardry and reunited with his dragon Rufous, Evann must defend his city of Morshton against an invading horde of goblins. To make things worse, the goblins have their own dragon—the legendary Il Devankh, said to be the deadliest one of all time.
  • The Mask of Ares

    $4.99 A monstrous impostor has taken the place of the God of War, and begins to orchestrate an ending to Aegeia itself. Four adventurers set out to thwart him—but assassins are soon on their trail. The false Ares knows they are coming.
  • The Masks of Mirada

    $5.99 Sonata Diamante is a thief and swordsmaster. She serves her nefarious wizard uncle, Borshen Galo, doing his “dirty work” in the shadows of Cragsport. But when she stumbles upon a strange silver mask, her world shatters. Now, she’s on the run. With the aid of her bullmastiff companion, Fellfang, Sonata must discover the truth behind...
  • The Melody of Memory

    $5.99 Aya struggles to survive as devastating war and plague and madness tear away all she knows. Amid the tragic cycles on her world, people retained one consistent technology—tying unpleasant memories to a melody in a box. At times a blessing, memory boxes long ago became tools of repression, hobbling humanity’s ability to learn from mistakes....
  • The Portals of Hell

    $5.99 Davin is a disappointment to his military family, but he discovers he has a Gift, an ability to tap into God’s own power. He begins a quest to learn how to control that Gift, in the course of which he will face monsters emerging from the portals of Hell.
  • The Portals of Spring

    $5.99 Davin Blackthorn, the scion of a great family of the Northern Republic, has discovered a great potential to harness God’s Power. But that new-found ability will be of no use unless he undergoes training to master it—and the training will be just as dangerous as the Power itself.
  • The Portals of Summer

    $4.99 Davin Blackthorn, now called Marek, is now the leader of the Sudo and Nortes Republics. But two of the countries in the plains refuse to acknowledge his leadership and the Elitos have allied with an alien species who covet Davin’s world for an expansion of their empire. Can he defeat this massive alliance, forced to...
  • Cover image for The Sicilian Coil by Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    The Sicilian Coil

    $4.99 The impact of the time transposition that brought a twenty-first century cruise ship to the Hellenic world right after the death of Alexander the Great continues to unfold. The world of the Greeks, Macedonians, Egyptians and the peoples of the Levant and Mesopotamia has already been turned upside down. Now the Romans and the other...
  • The Spear of Athena

    $5.99 A monstrous impostor has taken the place of the God of War, and plans to destroy Aegeia. Four adventurers set out to thwart him, even though they have been sealed away from their homeland. But they each have secret powers of their own, which the false god does not recognize.
  • Front cover image for The Sword and The Serpent by J. Dharma Windham, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021

    The Sword and the Serpent

    $5.99 Book 2 of: The Kleopatra Chronicles Led by Kleopatra, the victorious Egyptian armies from the South are ordered to disband by the Roman general who has invaded Egypt to restore Kleopatra’s father to his throne.
  • The Thief of Cragsport

    $5.99 Once just a thief and swordsmaster, Sonata Diamante has developed god-like powers. She will need them if she is to defend her city of Cragsport against its many enemies. War has begun, and Sonata may be the only person standing between the city she loves and the gods that would see it fall.
  • Tools of the Trade

    $5.99 Mike Jolson’s fury over the killing of his wife draws the attention of powerful mystical beings, with whom he makes a devil’s bargain. In exchange for revenge, he will become their servant in the mortal world—an arrangement he comes to regret as time goes on.
  • WarSpell: Miss Midshipman Teasdale

    $4.99 , A down on her luck young woman has to join the Kingdom Navy to get by. It’s a hard life for a studious and introspective would-be magician, having to deal with thuggish fellow midshipmen, criminals, perverted elves, the fire and fury of battle and the whims of high command. But she’s determined to make her...
  • WarSpell: Space Race

    $5.99 , When the Merge happened, the world as people knew it and the world of the WarSpell role playing game got completely tangled up. Now, magic can turn space exploration into a popular pastime. Fortunes can be made! But it’s not going to be cheap—and definitely not safe. The hardscrabble outfits will have to risk losing...
  • WarSpell: The Merge

    $5.99 , How does politics deal with people often citizens who are suddenly gifted with special powers, and an extra set of memories?
  • Cover image for The Orclands, Game of Freedom Book 1, a WarSpell novel, by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett, Published by Ring of Fire Pres 2021

    WarSpell: The Orclands

    $5.99 , Game of Freedom Book 1 The Merge leaves the memories and abilities of two American soldiers from Fort Benning in the bodies of a conquistador and a half-orc divine intercessor of Twir, the goddess of scribes, in a world filled with slavery and human sacrifice. They are determined to let freedom ring. But doing so...
  • WarSpell: The Vampiress of Londinium

    $5.99 , The Merge went both ways. So, as the grandmother got the memories of the new-made vampire, and the high school teacher got the memories of a vampire hunter, the vampire and hunter got the memories of the grandmother and history teacher. This is the story of how they dealt with that knowledge.

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