Jamaica Blue Magic


Dylan, the monster-hunter-turned-revenant, goes to Jamaica in hope of forgetting past grief. But a European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s family have plans of their own. For him.

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Revenants Never Let Go…

… yet Dylan, monster-hunter-turned-revenant, was finally accepting his wife Anna was gone, and a Jamaican vacation was supposed to help – getting him away from O’Reily’s coffeehouse and secret halfway house for monsters, giving him a chance to face his past and, just maybe, accept it.

But a murdered European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer, and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s mortal family turn his vacation into a race against time. Even with help from his friend Louis, the murdered man’s fae wife Aphrodite, and sword-wielding enigma Jared Engelshand, Dylan may ultimately have to battle a living weapon that killed the gods themselves — in a body become suddenly mortal under a demon’s highly ironic curse.


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