Kona is a roller coaster ride of an adventure that races all over the world and finds monsters to fight at every stop. The title character, Kona, is basically John Wayne in a loincloth with a very large knife who isn’t afraid to throw a few grenades if the occasion arises.

Fiercely loyal, he protects Dr. Dodd and his family against everything from dinosaurs to giant house cats. It doesn’t always make sense but it’s always edge of your seat fun.

Think Land of the Lost on a serious acid trip with wonderful art by Sam Glanzman.


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Sam Glanzman is best known for his introspective or autobiographical works such as his USS Stevens stories or The Private War of Willie Schultz.

This ain’t that!

Kona is a roller coaster ride of giant monsters, dinosaurs, weird civilizations and non-stop action. If you crave intricate plots with complex character development walk away slowly right now. You’ve got Dr. Dodd whose idea of a family vacation is a dirigible filled with crates of large guns and plenty of ammo. He brings along his daughter and her kids so Kona has someone to save. Oh yeah, Kona, he’s a caveman that they find when the dirigible crashes on a lost island. Dinos are only the opening act as they all set off on a road trip that takes them on a tour of nightmare hot spots where Kona will fight giant spiders, turtles, Sharks, snakes, house cats (or is that a cat as big as a house), ants, birds and various things that Sam felt like drawing that day.

Then you have radioactive wolves and bears and whales that only want to kill humans now and the occasional lost civilization just as a change of pace. Kona kills all these with terrific courage and a very long bayonet knife. It’s a wild and fun ride that moves so fast, you will have no time to notice those gaping logic holes all around you.And the art, WOW! I love Sam Glanzman and this is his most fun art ever. He gets to draw every crazy thing you can imagine and has it fight every other thing you can imagine. It doesn’t matter your age, you will become a 12 year old again as you read Kona. This new edition has been digitally re-imagined in glorious black and white (with only the occasional gray accents) by veteran book cover artist, Laura Givens to make the art pop off the page as any good comic book should! Note: Occasional changes in art and or dialogue have been made which deviate from the original material because of age and deterioration of said originals.

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