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Doctor Jennifer Hsui thought she was a good therapist, and tried her best to be a good single mother to her daughter Yukari – something scarier than it had been, before the world had turned out to harbor werewolves, vampires, shadowy dragons… and now, just five years before, superheroes and their superhuman adversaries. But all her training and experience hadn’t prepared her for the client that literally flew in her window one evening: the first and greatest of the heroes, Legend himself.

Now she finds herself becoming part of a world of people with godlike powers… and all too human problems. Legend has made the right choice in coming to her – but even she can’t imagine how he will change her life.

And behind and beyond her office and home, something else is rising, something that has broken free of death and turned the power of the afterworld to their own purpose. And in the end, the safety of the world may not rest on the shoulders of Legend, or her own skill, but on the hopes and hearts of two children – one of them her own.


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