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Front cover image for The Marshals, written by Mike Watson, published by Ring of Fire Press, January 2022.

The Marshals

Three retired US Army Master Sergeants with a down-time apprentice use their up-time experience as Deputy Sheriffs to become the first Marshals of the newly created District Court system of the State of Thuringia-Franconia.

Author(s): Mike Watson

Category: 1632 series

No Place to Die

Zhao Xin, the only child of China’s ruler, has defected. Her father believes her body, her stealth fighter and her stolen war plans are on the bottom of the Yellow Sea, but he’s not certain. America has hidden her on a lunar colony, disguised as an astronaut—but Chinese agents are now searching for her everywhere.

Author(s): Roger Kelly Smith
Category: Science Fiction

The Gourmets of Grantville

The Ring of Fire that transposed the modern American town of Grantville into the middle of the Thirty Years War forced its inhabitants to face many challenges of a political, military, economic, social and religious nature. But it posed more mundane challenges as well. What do you cook and eat when half the foods you’re used to are no longer available? And how do you keep someone alive when the medicines they depended on are now absent also?

Author(s): Bethanne Kim
Category: 1632 Series

A 1632 Christmas

Welcome to the Holidays in the 1630s!  Sit down, pull up some hot tea and spend some time with friends! The holidays are in full swing all over. Some people are falling in love, some people are learning new ways to celebrate, and others are even having babies.

Edited by Walt Boyes, Joy Ward, and Bjorn Hasseler
Category: 1632 Series

The Sword and the Serpent

Book 2 of: The Kleopatra Chronicles

Led by Kleopatra, the victorious Egyptian armies from the South are ordered to disband by the Roman general who has invaded Egypt to restore Kleopatra’s father to his throne.

Author: J. Dharma Windham
Category: Fantasy

WarSpell: The Orclands

Game of Freedom Book 1

The Merge leaves the memories and abilities of two American soldiers from Fort Benning in the bodies of a conquistador and a half-orc divine intercessor of Twir. They are determined to let freedom ring, but doing so will require outwitting royal governors and assorted gods and goddesses.

Author(s): Gorg Huff and Paula Goodlett
Category: Fantasy

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