Science Fiction

Time Travel, Outer Space, and Beyond

  • The Company Man

    , The Company Man, lowly accountant for the filthy-richest business in the Asteroid Belt, has modest aspirations. Air and water not endlessly recycled. Food that had not been freeze-dried and re-hydrated. A few quiet days at home. And, if he can figure out how, pilfering a bit from the company. If he survives…. “When people talk...
  • The Rat Rebellion

    Stranded on Casa Verde station, Charleen Dreeson’s only way to survive is to join La Causa, the gang that controls crime in the system, and claw her way up to the top. And do all this while the Casa system is being dragged into an interstellar political crisis. Charleen may wind having to raise the...
  • The Sherlock Chronicles & The Paradise Quartet

    , Two great adventures in one volume!  In “The Sherlock Chronicles,” a quantum mind decides to take up detective work as entertainment. It seems harmless enough… until… While in “The Paradise Quartet,” a dying generation ship and its would-be rescuers discover the perils of a manmade devolutionary cycle.
  • Threshold

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  • Cover art for Tracking by David R. Palmer


    , Candy’s back: Candidia Smith-Foster is still as adorable and deadly as she was in Emergence. Now she deals with Neo-Nazis in the post-apocalyptic world she found when she Emerged from the bunker her dad left for her.
  • Twilight of Empire

    , The Axis won World War II and the United States has been divided up between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. The former allies are now at war with each other and Alaska Territory is in rebellion. Is this the twilight of both empires?
  • Venus, Mars, and Hell

    , The adventures of two young women in worlds very different from our own. Worlds in which the laws of nature have changed—but human behavior hasn’t. Worlds in which travel to the planets is much less dangerous than the people aboard the ships that make those voyages.  

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