Space Man

Jack Sparling’s Space Man

Astronaut, Ian Stannard sets out with young Johnny Mack trying to reach the moon but instead is thrust into a galaxy full of adventure.  It’s the sixties and while man has struggled to reach it’s neighboring satellite, a moon base has already been built by a galactic union that thinks Earth is ready to become a member.

There are also enemies aplenty waiting for mankind: a race of immortal cyclops gorillas subjugating a race of gentle telepathic giants, a hypnotic genius with evil on his mind, an insane computer and more.  It’s not easy being a space Man

This is space opera on a grand scale with out of this world art by Jack Sparling.


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Space Man was a science fiction epic space opera at a time when science fiction in comics usually amounted to short stories with twist endings or background for a superhero. But Space Man (awful title, almost as bad as Star Wars) was about far-flung galactic empires, slavery of entire planets, machine intelligence, evil immortal cyclops aliens, grand space battles and even a reasonably mature romance. Stories weren’t confined to one issue, almost unheard of at the time, and looked at ideas in a depth rivaling its novel cousins. This was real science fiction! Okay, the heroes are kinda cookie-cutter but their adventures are anything but. Jack Sparling’s Art is an overlooked treasure. His style here is loose and filled with action and clear storytelling. Some have called his art “messy” but I would contend that it was expressionistic, individualistic and kinetic. His space battles were unmatched till the likes of George Lucas came along! Space Man is the second in the Polished Silver series. Overlooked comics series of the silver age that are worthy of being re-presented to the world in a cleaned up, quality edition. These books are public domain and unlikely to be adopted by the big publishers who could afford such a treatment. Fortunately, veteran cover artist, Laura Givens, has taken it on herself to make this happen. Series such as Space Man and Kona shouldn’t be lost to time and deterioration. This is not an exact historical recreation of the originals. Changes have been made where deemed necessary to be presented to audiences of a new century, and it is presented here in glorious black and white.


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