Spēcial Education

“Palmer’s back, and it was well worth the wait. It is possible to have more sheer fun than reading SPĒCIAL EDUCATION delivers—but it requires a partner, and (for most of us) privacy. This, you can enjoy alone on a bus without drawing attention, if you have a good poker face. I haven’t had such a good time with a science fiction novel since . . . well, since Mr. Palmer finished its eye-popping prequel THRESHOLD and stepped out for a short beer—twenty years ago! If audacity were all a man needed to become President . . . wait a damn minute, it is! What have you been waiting for, Mr. Palmer? Quit fiddling around with imagining it, and actually save the world, already. . . .”

—Spider Robinson,author of CALLAHAN’S CON



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Peter Cory has traversed Isis and become a 10th level WWyhr Läaq but R’gGnrök is still coming and H. Sapiens, Earth humanity, is still acting like a spoiled two-year-old with nukes as its toys and murder as its preferred method of conflict resolution. Before humanity can be trusted with the tools that it desperately needs to fight R’gGnrök It’s going to need some Spēcial Education.

“David R. Palmer is one of the very best of Heinlein’s Children—certainly the most audacious. It’s great to have him back, at the top of his game.”

—Spider Robinson,author of Robert A. Heinlein’s VARIABLE STAR

“The best new writer since John Varley.”

— Spider Robinson,Author of Mindkiller.

“Most SF novels complete one of two sentences: ‘What if . . .’ or ‘If this goes on . . .’ The rarest and most beautiful kind completes a finer sentence, ‘If only . . .’ and points a hopeful finger toward a better future. SPĒCIAL EDUCATION is the greatest avatar of that kind of SF I’ve seen in decades. There is no human problem too intractable for David R. Palmer—an attitude in particularly short supply these days. It’s almost incidental that he’s a gifted storyteller, with the knack of making you love his pixilated characters as much as he does. He doesn’t even need glasses, let alone rose-colored ones, but his tomorrow is one I desperately want to live in. So will you . . . unless you happen to be French.

—Spider Robinson,author of THE CRAZY YEARS

“Clever, knowledgeable, and diabolically inventive. This may well be the space opera to end all space operas.”

—Spider Robinson,author of Very Hard Choices

“Every bit as exciting, inventive, and witty as Emergence.”

—Poul Anderson

“The further you read, the better this one gets. Don’t started late at night if you have to get up in the morning.”

—F. M. Busby

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