Tales from the Mermaid & Tiger: Engines of Change


The Mermaid and Tiger is the most exciting tavern in modern Copenhagen—modern being the year 1636, in the new world created by the Ring of Fire. The food and drink served—and even more, the tales being told—are the best to be found anywhere.

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In 1636, near the docks in Copenhagen, a new and unusual tavern opened. What makes the tavern unique is food and drink reputed to come from the far future. The establishment promotes optimism and new ideas, and quickly becomes a center of innovation. Sailors, workmen, scholars, spies—noble and commoner alike—flock to The Mermaid and Tiger.

Momentous things have been happening in Copenhagen. An airship was built and ventured off to the far port of Tranquebar. A great war was concluded, if not in victory then at least not in outright defeat. A Danish prince will even become the future emperor of the United States of Europe. There was work to do and money to be made!

Into this tumult a young man from New Spain is thrust. Diego gets a job as the chocolatero of The Mermaid and Tiger, and works with Reva Pridmore to develop chocolate like she remembered from up-time. In the process, he meets and hears stories from others who have adapted the airship steam engines to solve their problems. Soon, there will be an engine in every shop, it seems.

Diego’s world—everyone’s world—is changing, and nowhere are tales being told like those in The Mermaid and Tiger.


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