The Newton Cipher

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In possession of a coded manuscript by Isaac Newton, historian Trina Piper finds herself the target of a shadowy cabal intent on reviving alchemy for sinister purposes. Realizing that a dark secret must lie buried in Newton’s manuscript, Trina must now race against time to save the great city of London from disaster.


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Historian Trina Piper is summoned to the British Library to authenticate a coded manuscript believed to be authored by none other than Isaac Newton himself. At the same time, London finds itself in the grip of a series of ghastly murders.

When a malicious Russian scholar appears and demands the manuscript, Trina becomes the target of his wrath. She soon realizes that Newton’s papers and the terrible murders are connected, and both hint at something far more ominous: a secretive Order dedicated to reviving alchemy for sinister purposes.

Caught between ancient magic and a shadowy cabal, Trina must find a way to save not only herself, but all of London. With the help of Ulrik Stander, a handsome and resourceful agent from Interpol’s Art and Artifacts Division, she rushes from Westminster’s fog-filled alleyways to the hallowed halls of Cambridge University in a race to prevent a forgotten seventeenth-century plague from being unleashed on modern London.

As Big Ben ticks down, she discovers that Isaac Newton carried a secret so dark he buried it beneath layers of stone and forbidden magic. But now the secret is out and people are dying.

Will Trina have enough time to solve the mystery before disaster strikes?

1 review for The Newton Cipher

  1. Corine Barnes

    Trina Piper is a graduate student who impressed her aging professor enough that when a call came from London to authenticate Sir Isaac Newton’s recently released papers, her name was offered as the expert. The chance of a lifetime was rattled by an attack on the professor the evening before she left, but her fiance’s narcissism spurred her to go. Then things became exciting: Her work was interrupted by ham-handed Russians who damaged the papers and ordered her out of the way. She took advantage of the time to go to Cambridge and meet a very well-respected colleague of the professor’s. Some additional footwork was shadowed by the Russians, in Cambridge, and she was interrogated on the professor’s attack and death of a grad student who was the desk clerk where she was staying. Chaos took over London with strange, sudden deaths and physical attacks. Trina was strongly implicated and had almost no way to prove her innocence; she did, however, have the assistance of an Interpol agent…and needed it more than once.
    Newton’s papers covered quite a shocking series of events in the 1600’s. Solving the current mystery hinged on those events and Newton’s writings. Trina used her head and earned a deserved reputation that gained some amazing rewards, not least among them the respect of Interpol and the London police.
    I would be thrilled to find a sequel to this book!

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