The Vampiress of Londinium

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The Merge went both ways. So, as the grandmother got the memories of the new-made vampire, and the high school teacher got the memories of a vampire hunter, the vampire and hunter got the memories of the grandmother and history teacher. This is the story of how they dealt with that knowledge.

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Lady Jane Alexander should be a monster with no control at all over its desires. A blood-sucking corpse, animated by pure evil. But The Merge went both ways. Now Sir William Deforest has the memories of Bill Goldman, a school teacher who played WarSpell with his friends, and those memories tell him that Lady Jane Alexander may still be Lady Jane. Suffering under a terrible curse, but still Lady Jane.

Sir William’s certainty in the righteousness of his and his friend Alen von Helsing’s cause as vampire hunters is challenged by the knowledge The Merge brought, but that’s nothing to what it did to Jane Alexander.  In a moment she went from a very young vampire living on the blood of rats in the sewers of Paris into a moderately healthy young woman who knew that she needed to eat and who could once again feel her body as her body. All because she Merged with Alice Blake, a sixty-two-year-old nurse who had read the Vampyre Compendium IV cover to cover.

As she remembered her fellow gamers’ casual dismissal of the fact that she was still alive, Jane became one ticked-off vampire. She was going back to Londinium to have words with Sir William and Alen van Helsing.

Words, and maybe a snack.

1 review for The Vampiress of Londinium

  1. Hal Porter (verified owner)

    This was fun, witty, with lots of twists. Not qute as tightly plotted as the first one, but a good read with lots of interwoven plot threads.

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