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Candy’s back:
Candidia Smith-Foster is still as adorable and deadly as she was in Emergence. Now she deals with Neo-Nazis in the post-apocalyptic world she found when she Emerged from the bunker her dad left for her.


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Meet Candidia Smith-Foster, Homo post hominem, the next step in Mankind’s evolution. She’s an eleven-year-old genius with a Black Belt, and last summer she saved all that remained of her struggling new branch of humanity. Since then she’s been training under an ex-Mossad assassin. She’s just learned who’s been holding her Daddy and now she knows where they are…

In David Palmer’s long awaited sequel to Emergence, Kid Genius Candidia Smith Foster kicks ass from California to the Russian heartland, where evil Nazi wannabes plot the destruction of all that is good and decent.
Tom Easton, Reviewer Emeritus,
Analog Science Fiction and Fact, Author of Sparrowhawk

Nearly 30 years ago, David R. Palmer’s startlingly Heinleinesque debut novel created an action adventure protagonist who made Die Hard’s John McClane look like a wimp amateur…At last she’s back, still 11, still adorable, still sudden death with both hands, and this time she’s in real trouble. With even higher stakes.
Spider Robinson,
co author, with Robert A. Heinlein, of VARIABLE STAR

Candy is one of the most memorable people I’ve ever known, on or off the printed page, and David R. Palmer one of the most engaging and skillful storytellers.

Stanley Schmidt,
Author of The Coming Convergence, Editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact

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  1. Evan Sylvanus (verified owner)

    As much or more story, thrill and adventure than the first. A delight to see Candy again. But Candy is not the same person on several levels. And the story is darker as well. Perhaps the best choices, but not quite as good as the original.

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