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Our official publication schedule of forthcoming titles. New books will be announced here, dates are subject to change.

Cover image for Backfire by J. Dharma Windham, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021


by J. Dharma Windham

Release Date: October 14, 2021

A tech billionaire discovers a zero-sum energy device from wreckage located at the bottom of the world’s deepest oceanic trench…

Deeper than Mount Everest is tall.

The United States Navy sends for Mallory Capehart, their best salvage officer… Commander Mallory Capehart USN.

She is haunted by memories of a past disaster that killed everyone on her dive team and suffers from acute PTSD.

Her mission? To raise and recover the wreck of a legendary vessel.

Mallory accepts the top-secret assignment to do the impossible and no one knows whether she’ll succeed. Adding to her problems are the Chinese and Russians who also want the zero-sum energy device. And Mallory isn’t quite sure who’s side some of her teammates are on.

Cover image for Jack by Cecelia Holland, published by Ring of Fire Press 2021


by Cecelia Holland

Release Date: October 21, 2021

I listened to Jack.

Jenny Dolf doesn’t like being a girl, she doesn’t like the restrictions and she just doesn’t feel like a girl. She runs off to join the continental army Taking the name Jack Dolf, and from then on thinking of himself as a man. Armed with the musket made by Jack’s grandfather JD, he served in a unit calling itself the Perthmen and was part of the force with George Washington crossing the Delaware and fighting at Trenton. Jack sticks when others desert, and is the fastest shot in the unit. Able to fire four rounds in a minute. Jack suffers privation and the loss of comrades, learning in the process about the cause that the continentals are fighting for. The notion that all men are created equal and ideas of freedom from the pamphlets of Tom Pain.

When Jack is wounded in battle at Princeton her secret is discovered and they send her home. And many of them blame her for the deception.

After some adventures Jack makes his way home to Boston and his family. In the final line returning to her role as Jenny convinced that “I’ve been to war, and made it home again. I can do anything now.”

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