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Old Nathan

by David Drake

Release Date: October 29, 2020

Old Nathan is a backwoodsman in the Appalachia of an older era saturated with mysterious powers—of which he has quite a few himself.

He and his bull Spanish King put to rest a monster’s ghost for the sake of a youngster in love. That ghost is not the only one he has to deal with, for many ghosts are filled with greed.

Old Nathan has to deal with thieves and bullies and witches, too, as well as the enmity of a powerful clan. He’s not the only one with powers in the region, although he may be the most cunning.

He’ll give it all up, though, for a new chance at life—which may be coming his way.

Blood of a Nation

by Wayland Smith

Release Date: November 5, 2020

“The first thing you must realize, is that you are already dead.”

Brian McLean was willing to give his life for the cause of Liberty. He had no way of knowing that when he fell at the Battle of Concord Bridge, it was a beginning rather than an ending. Taken from the war, and his life, McLean learns of the Night Walkers, strange beings that drink blood to live and are forever banished from the sun. Now he needs to find a way to adapt to a strange new world of magic, supernatural abilities, and creatures he never imagined.

Under the mentorship of Paul Stintson, Brian tries to learn as much as he about his new life, his powers, and his limits. Every night, it seems he learns a new secret as he struggles to adapt to his new life and find a way to use his abilities to defeat the British and free his struggling country.

Tom Corbett, Space Cadet:

Danger in Deep Space

by Carey Rockwell

Release Date: November 5, 2020

In the 24th century, humanity is united in the Solar Alliance, with representatives from Earth, Mars, Venus and the larger satellites such as Titan, Ganymede and Luna. Peace is maintained by the Solar Guard, whose officers are taken from the Space Academy.

Cadets Tom Corbett, Astro and Roger Manning are assigned to take their spaceship Polaris into deep space—an interstellar voyage to Alpha Centauri! The bad news is that their new commander, Major Connel, is a notorious martinet.

The perils of the voyage are compounded by criminals who are already familiar with the Alpha Centauri system and know that it holds a satellite containing an immensely rich body of ore. The criminals do everything in their power to sabotage the mission of the Polaris so that they can claim the riches for themselves. The three cadets and their new commander are forced into a desperate race to defend the satellite and save their own lives in the doing.

Nevada Rails

by Cecelia Holland

Release Date: November 12, 2020

In 1872, the notorious outlaw King Callahan adopts an orphan after Lily’s father is killed in a botched robbery in Virginia City. They flee to Los Angeles, where Callahan tries to make a better life, but his talents all run to robbery. He runs afoul of the Southern Pacific Railroad, which is moving in on the south coast, bringing money, corruption, and inevitable social changes. A railroad detective relentlessly pursues the outlaw, which means he is also chasing Lily.

Five years later, Lily has grown up. Part of an acting troupe, she goes to San Francisco, the golden city, a mix of extreme wealth and desperate poverty, limitless opportunity and instant disaster. There, she searches for the mother she only dimly remembers, and encounters again the railroad detective who had pursued her through Los Angeles. The railroad strikes, rioting and uproar that consumed the whole United States in that summer reaches San Francisco and Lily is caught up in the turmoil of a free-wheeling society that is making itself up as it goes along.

Two Cases for the Czar

by Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett

Release Date: November 19, 2020

Miroslava Holmes, the one and only licensed private detective in the United Sovereign States of Russia, has a new case. She’s been called in on a locked room murder—and to make things worse, it’s the locked room of an agent of the Embassy Bureau, a 17th century Russian James Bond. This is a political case, and the Embassy Bureau isn’t talking to anyone. Solving the case is going to leave Miroslava at the crossroads where law and justice part ways.

But not everything is murders and spies. No, sometimes it’s the theft of a piece of costume jewelry from a girl at the Happy Bottom Club. And this case leads Miroslava into the bailiwick of another detective. Detective Corporal Viktor Zuykov, who doesn’t want her interference.

That, however, isn’t going to stop Miroslava. When money is involved things can get dangerous, and to catch the actual culprit, Miroslava and her faithful friend, Vasilii Lyapunov, must chase him to Kazan.