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by Dave Freer and Eric Flint

Release Date: January 28, 2021

Crawlspace is a collection of stories by Dave Freer and Eric Flint, who have collaborated on many novels together. This volume includes two stories from their popular Rats, Bats & Vats series, including the novella (“The Genie Out of the Vat”) that begins the entire cycle. It also includes a story from the massive Heirs of Alexandria series that they’ve been writing with Mercedes Lackey for more than two decades.

The Portals of Summer

by Nathan B. Dodge

Release Date: February 4, 2021

Davin Blackthorn, now called Marek, has gone from being the always-disappointing second son of General Kel Blackthorn to tyhe leader of the Sudo and Nortes Republics. Once a shy, willowy scholar, he has become, due to his manipulation of God’s Power, a giant of a man, with incredible abilities and the capacity to rule the known world.

But he faces a multitude of problems. Two of the countries in the plains refuse to acknowledge his leadership. The Elitos, a northern faction of the mountain-dwelling Chanche nation, where Davin learned to subdue and control his abilities, have declared war on their southern brethren and refuse to ally with the rest of the nation to support Davin.

Davin prepares armies to face those of the eastern plains nations, and their Elito allies in the mountains. Complicating the situation, the Elitos have also allied with an alien species who exist in another dimension, and who covet Davin’s world for an expansion of their empire. Can he defeat this massive alliance, forced to fight on multiple fronts? Or has he finally reached the limit of God’s Power?

Sky Horizon

by David Brin

Book One of the Colony High Series

Release Date: February 11, 2021

“Some Math Club nerds have got a real live alien! They’re hiding it in a basement rec room!”

High School junior Mark Bamford doesn’t believe the silly rumor. For one thing, here in the town of Twenty-Nine Palms? California homes don’t have basements! Besides….

A stranded alien? Seriously? Can we say c-l-i-c-h-e? Movie rip-off? Can’t the math geeks think up a better hoax?

But then… Why are black vans from the super-secret Cirrocco Corp cruising all over town, searching for something?

Mark and his pal Alexandra decide to do some investigating of their own. Only, where can they turn for help? The skateboarding “X” crowd? The varsity climbing team? It’s not like their social circle is an elite spy force!

Perhaps though… with home grown ingenuity… a little sleight of hand—okay, call it double-dealing, whatever….

The truth isn’t just ‘out there.’ It may be right next door.

Sky Horizon – winner of the Hal Clement Award for YA fiction – is the first book in a series where young adults confront an age-old theme—that of strangers from beyond—giving it new shape, guided by the deft hand of one of science fiction’s modern masters.