Venus, Mars, and Hell


The adventures of two young women in worlds very different from our own. Worlds in which the laws of nature have changed—but human behavior hasn’t. Worlds in which travel to the planets is much less dangerous than the people aboard the ships that make those voyages.


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Storming Hell

It was difficult enough for the young women from the Pilot’s Academy to fit into the male world of The Royal Navy but, as a new graduate, Sarah Brown expected to be put on the Luna-London shuttle. Instead, she had to guide one of Queen Mary’s warships across the vast distances between the stars for Captain Fitzwilliam—into the very jaws of Hell. Starships, spirit guides, black magic and the problem of the correct sequence of cutlery usage in the Officer’s Mess.

Storming Venus

When Captain Fitzwilliam rescued Sarah from the Exorcists, she discovered he had an ulterior motive, apart from the usual. The Prussian Secret Police had a secret laboratory on Venus experimenting with a spirit-warped disease and Naval Intelligence needed someone to pilot a secret high-tech flying machine straight into the clouds of Venus. And guess who Fitzwilliam had chosen for the task? An aggressive spirit of a Roman soldier, a love-sick flying reptile, and a fence charged with black magic are merely the start of Sarah’s problems.

In the Matter of Savinkov

Fourteen-year-old Charlotte Luff is excited by her trip to Mars in the company of her admirable father and annoying little brother. But excitement turns into concern and then terror as she discovers herself drawn into the savage secret wars between the Tsar’s secret police, the Okhrana, Russian revolutionary assassins, and Martians with motives of their own.


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