When @RingofFirePress recently agreed to reissue the Dwarven Rifleman series, by Michael Tinker Pearce and Linda Pearce, it was with the understanding that the Pearces would do a Kickstarter to be able to afford to finish the last book in the trilogy, Called to Court.

The first novel is Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman:

“Impressive work, and great fun!” — Greg Bear, Author of Hull 03 and The Forge of God

“It may seem a fine thing in song or story to be ankle-deep in the blood of your enemies but in reality it’s slippery, smells bad and is nearly impossible to get out of your socks afterwards.” From the diaries of Engvyr Gunnarson.  Engvyr is still young as his people, the Dwarves, reckon things, but he is already a distinguished veteran of the elite Dwarven rifle regiments and a Ranger of the Mountain Guards. Now he wants nothing more than to make a place for himself, perhaps settle down and raise a family. But when a new enemy rises in the North, he finds himself at the center of the conflict, with not merely the freedom of his people but the fate of all of humanity hanging in the balance… and the habit of heroism is a hard one to break. In Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman magic, science, and technology work hand-in-hand to create a new kind of fantasy world. Told with humor and humanity, it is a story of sweeping events seen from a ‘ground-level’ perspective by people living in and helping to shape the unique history of their world.

The second novel in the series is Lord of the North: The sequel to ‘Diaries of a Dwarven Rifleman- The Baasgarta’s capitol has fallen but the war is far from over. Tens of thousands of enslaved dwarves remain in the north waiting to be liberated. Meanwhile Engvyr must come to grips with his new title and job, not the least of which is figuring out what exactly that job entails. It’s all very well to be named the Lord Warden of the North, but no one seems to know exactly what he is supposed to be doing. Meanwhile in the nearby human-controlled port city-state of Taerneal something is going on- something involving the Dwarves. But the City Council is resistant, and there is more afoot than it appears. Before long Engvyr must intervene directly, though it means he could potentially find himself facing a war on two fronts. Add to this the dwarven regiments are having their own issues, chief among them trying to figure out where the Baasgarta have gone… It’s a mess all around, but one thing is becoming increasingly clear… whatever is going on it’s worse than they think.

About the Kickstarter, Michael Tinker Pearce says:

We’ll be writing the third book in the Dwarven Rifleman series, with the working title of ‘Called to Court.’  A lot of people can work full-time to pay the bills and write too, but I’m not one of them.  It’s as if I only have so much creative capital, and it gets used up on my job making hand-made knives and swords.  The first two novels were written when I couldn’t work, and the third novel has been stalled in bits and pieces.

I write fairly fast, but I cannot afford to take 3-6 months off work to write a novel these days, so I am turning to you, the people of the internet, for help.

The purpose of the Kickstarter is to provide us the opportunity to approach writing this novel as a full-time job. We generally write anywhere from 1500-3000 word per day and have them ready for editing by the time we stop.  Given that our typical novel is 90,000 to 100,000 words if we include holidays and a reasonably number of days off we ought to be finished and ready for editing in three months.  Allowing an additional three months for mishaps, editing and money to pay for the editing and rewards is how we arrived at the total desired.

I have some VA disability and my wife has some small income as well, but typically to make ends meet we need a certain amount of income on top of that, and this Kickstarter is intended to make up that difference and allow me the luxury of the time needed.

We won’t livin’ high, but we will be able to live and keep a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and the bills paid.