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A Red Son: Not Without Honor

by John Deakins

Release Date: August 10, 2020

Eliezer and Arrow St. Clair have established a homestead and forge on the Hudson, near West Point. An exiled Mohawk youth, Green-Star-Passes, takes refuge with them, along with his companion Willow Branch, an escaped Susquehannock slave-woman.

The once-distant troubles of the region come home when the nearby Dutch colony of New Amsterdam erupts in a civil war. Eliezer and Arrow decide to resettle in Mohawk country, leaving the forge to Green-Star-Passes and Willow Branch. A grueling boat-trip upstream delivers Eliezer, Arrow, and their three children to Mohawk country, where Eliezer impresses the Mohawks with his metal-working and crossbows.

Then smallpox erupts, and Eliezer and Arrow must fight the growing epidemic in the face of hostility from powerful shamans. Nor is disease the only danger threatening the Iroquois, who must also deal with expanding white settlement and new technology.

Eliezer and Arrow St. Clair have found a home with the Mohawks, but the future remains uncertain for all of them.

The Portals of Hell

by Nathan Dodge

Release Date: August 20, 2020

Davin is good at math and science, inconsequential to his military family, where his older brother will soon become commander of the Army of the Republic. His father once conquered the southern land—and now his youngest son has flunked out of Academy, a complete failure as a cadet.

But something else is going on in Davin’s life. Why does he sometimes have visions and dreams of terrible events, war, and strange, exotic and deadly creatures? After returning home, a Hellport opens nearby, spilling out monsters that kill and maim—and he had a premonition of the event!

He is tested for a Gift, the ability to control God’s own Power, and the result is terrifying. He begins a quest to find answers to his many questions. Before he finds them, he will face more Hellport monsters, overcome an army, and find a new home among mountain tribes who will help him discover his destiny.

Marked Territory

by Neal F. Litherland

Release Date: September 1, 2020

Leo does his best to keep his whiskers out of other people’s business. He’s perfectly content to spend his days stretched out in the sun, or wandering through his little patch of the Bronx. So when a south side mouse comes to him with a sob story about a pack of hound dogs trying to run her and her friends out of the abandoned church they call home, his first instinct is to walk away.

But why would a mouse be desperate enough to call on an alley cat for help? The raccoons on the south side have their paws in the mix, he discovers, and any deal the raccoons are tied up in is guaranteed to get messy. Add in the fact that the dog pack seems to have come out of nowhere, and Leo’s got more questions than answers.

Curiosity killed the cat, as the saying goes, but Leo isn’t going to stop digging until he figures out exactly why St. Bart’s has become… Marked Territory!

Heart of the World

by Cecelia Holland

Release Date: September 10, 2020

When the Mongols sack Baghdad in the year 1258, the renegade Templar Knight Rikart al-Shah’b—Rikart the Ghost—escapes the city. He tries to save two others as well—the Arab boy Daud and Dinah, the teenage daughter of a Jewish scholar—but they are separated in the chaos. Rikart and Daud make their escape separately, but Dinah is captured by the Mongols.

In the time that follows, as the Mongols continue to overwhelm Heart of the World—what a later age would call the Middle East—Rikart tries to persuade whichever Muslim or Christian leaders he encounters to unite against the invaders from the steppes. Eventually, he and Daud are reunited and together they liberate a captive Egyptian Mameluke leader whom they believe could lead the needed resistance.

Dinah, meanwhile, has been taken into the household of the wife of Hulegu Khan, brother of the Mongol emperor and leader of the Mongol army. Over time, a love affair develops between her and Nikola, one of the great khan’s sons.

All of their lives will come back together at the great battle of Ain Jalut, where the Mamelukes and their allies make a desperate stand against the mighty forces from Central Asia who seek to conquer Heart of the World.

Tales from the Mermaid & Tiger: Engines of Change

by Kevin H. Evans and Karen C. Evans

Release Date: September 20, 2020

In 1636, near the docks in Copenhagen, a new and unusual tavern opened. What makes the tavern unique is food and drink reputed to come from the far future. The establishment promotes optimism and new ideas, and quickly becomes a center of innovation. Sailors, workmen, scholars, spies—noble and commoner alike—flock to The Mermaid and Tiger.

Momentous things have been happening in Copenhagen. An airship was built and ventured off to the far port of Tranquebar. A great war was concluded, if not in victory then at least not in outright defeat. A Danish prince will even become the future emperor of the United States of Europe. There was work to do and money to be made!

Into this tumult a young man from New Spain is thrust. Diego gets a job as the chocolatero of The Mermaid and Tiger, and works with Reva Pridmore to develop chocolate like she remembered from up-time. In the process, he meets and hears stories from others who have adapted the airship steam engines to solve their problems. Soon, there will be an engine in every shop, it seems.

Diego’s world—everyone’s world—is changing, and nowhere are tales being told like those in The Mermaid and Tiger.

Stand By for Mars

by Carey Rockwell

With new Introduction by Eric Flint

Release Date: September 20, 2020

In the year 2338, humanity is united in the Solar Alliance, with representatives from Earth, Mars, Venus and the larger satellites such as Titan, Ganymede and Luna. Peace is maintained by the Solar Guard, whose officers are taken from the Space Academy.

Tom Corbett enrolls as a cadet in the Academy, and is teamed up with two other cadets. The Space Academy’s tradition is that cadets work as a threesome, and are judged by how well they do as a unit. Tom gets along very well with the big Venusian cade Astro, but both he and Astro have trouble with Roger Manning. As time passes, they realize that there is some dark secret in Manning’s past which he refuses to share with anyone.

Then, while on a training mission, they are dispatched to rescue a disabled spaceship. They attempt to bring the ship to a safe harbor on Mars after the crew is evacuated, but the damage is too extensive and they crash-land. Now the three cadets will have to learn to work together—or they will all die together on the barren sands of the red planet.

Border Crosser

by Tom Doyle

Release Date: October 1, 2020

Eris is a charismatic spy with a violent borderline personality and emotional amnesia—she doesn’t remember her loyalties. This allows her to pass from world to world without mental scanners detecting her long-term intentions, making her a “border crosser.”

The Asylum cabal has artificially amplified Eris’s condition so that she’ll cause interstellar chaos for the limited time she survives. When Eris discovers the Asylum’s manipulation of her, she sets out to find its hidden leaders and destroy them.

From decadent old Earth to the frontier estates of Mars, Eris hunts her first quarry, the Asylum’s architect of genocides. But when her chase leads her out to the stars, she discovers still deadlier dangers from humanity’s past and her own. As she fights these galaxy-spanning nightmares, Eris must also struggle to recover her own mind.

As Eris would say, “The only thing necessary for interstellar evil to triumph is for brilliant and sexy killer me ever to stop, darling.”

Jamaica Blue Magic

by Kathleen Moffre-Spoor and Ryk E. Spoor

Release Date: October 8, 2020

Revenants Never Let Go…

… yet Dylan, monster-hunter-turned-revenant, was finally accepting his wife Anna was gone, and a Jamaican vacation was supposed to help – getting him away from O’Reily’s coffeehouse and secret halfway house for monsters, giving him a chance to face his past and, just maybe, accept it.

But a murdered European vampire, an ancient fae godslayer, and the demon who destroyed Dylan’s mortal family turn his vacation into a race against time. Even with help from his friend Louis, the murdered man’s fae wife Aphrodite, and sword-wielding enigma Jared Engelshand, Dylan may ultimately have to battle a living weapon that killed the gods themselves — in a body become suddenly mortal under a demon’s highly ironic curse.

The Dragon’s Boy

by David Carrico

Release Date: October 15, 2020

Growing up in a small village, Evann is curious about everything, and drives everybody crazy with his endless questions. Eventually, he runs off, seeking answers wherever they might be found.

The first place he finds some of them is when he encounters the dragon Rufous, who is almost as curious as he is. One of the things he discovers is rather appalling—dragons can breathe fire, but only after they’ve consumed human blood. Fortunately, Rufous is not inclined in that direction.

As their friendship deepens, they find trouble together in the form of another dragon, Rufous’ enemy Moriach. At the Dragon Conclave where a new ruler of the dragons is to be selected, Moriach’s fire-breathing prowess makes him the leading candidate. But after Evann lets Rufous drink some of his blood, his dragon emerges from the contest as the winner and new Solon.

Moriach’s resentment leads him to ally with an evil wizard. So Evann and Rufous still have a fight on their hands—and one that will require the boy to develop magic powers to match those of the wizard. Which he thinks he can do, because he’s not just any boy. He’s the dragon’s boy.