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Eric Flint and Ring of Fire Press are proud to announce RING OF FIRE CON, aka ROFCON. This is a virtual convention that will be held September 11–13 with panels, guests, and signing opportunities. Among the guests attending will be:

Steven Barnes– New York Times bestselling author and award-winning screenwriter.

David Brin– Bestselling author, creator of the Uplift series, and winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

DJ Butler – Dragon Award finalist and bestselling author of the Witchy Eye series and Cunning Man series.

Eric Flint – One of the masters Alternate History & New York Times Bestselling author of the 1632 series.

Charles Gannon – National Bestseller author of the Caine-verse and Nebula and Dragon Award finalist

Cecelia Holland – Iconic and prolific historical fiction author as well as the author of speculative fiction novels and non-fiction books.

Tom Kidd – Award winning artist and principal illustrator for the Ring of Fire series.

Mercedes Lackey – One of most popular and prolific fantasy authors of all time and creator of the Herald of Valdemar series

Jody Lynn Nye – New York Times bestselling author of the Imperium Series and continuing author of Robert Aspirin’s Myth-Adventures

Christopher Ruocchio – Bestselling author of the Sun Eater saga; regarded as Barnes & Noble’s best science fiction books of 2018 and 2019

Tom Smith – Filker extraordinaire (two dozen albums, fourteen Pegasus Awards and a spot in the Filk Hall of Fame).

David Weber – New York Times best selling author and creator of the Honor Harrington Series.

Toni Weisskopf – Publisher, Baen Books.